Alan Questel – Power and Strength and Effort – Feldenkrais

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Alan Questel – Power and Strength and Effort – Feldenkrais

Explore “Power and Strength and Effort” with Alan Questel in the Feldenkrais method. Enhance body awareness, improve movement efficiency, and cultivate strength through mindful practices. Key Highlights: Learn Feldenkrais techniques for increasing power, reducing effort, and enhancing overall well-being. Enroll Now to discover the transformative power of Feldenkrais with Alan Questel!

Weekend workshop in Feldenkrais® – Awareness Through Movement®
Represented by Alan Questel in Lucerne, Switzerland, March 5/6, 2022

Power and Strength = effort…NO!
Sorry, but it’s actually not the case

One of the most confusing things I see in people is power and strength. and effort. You feel more effort when you feel it. and powerful. It is often the opposite. While effort has its place, it’s usually an indication of overworking or working inefficiently.

How can you tell the difference?

The Feldenkrais Method® is all about making distinctions. Method(r) is all about efficiency and Sensing yourself better. It’s about the transmission of force through your skeleton, which translates into less effort and More power.

This workshop will teach you how to feel more powerful. and It is possible to be more effective without having to work harder. Many of the things that you do are actually much simpler than you realize.

Power and strength…most of us would like more of it.
Effort…most of us would like less.


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