Backtest Wizard – Flagship Trading Course

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Backtest Wizard – Flagship Trading Course

Backtest Wizard – Flagship Trading Course


“Learn How To Program, Test and then Manage a Portfolio of Market-Beating Quantitative Stock Trading Strategies”

The NDX100 Momentum Portfolio and Source Code Will Provide You With the Tools and Knowledge To Build a Market-Beating Portfolio...

Average % Profit Per Trade and CAR%: This system has an average profit per trade of 9.75% and a CAR of 14.02%

The Data That You Need: End of Day dividend adjusted data for Stocks in the Nasdaq100.

Max System DD %: If employing a monthly rebalance the system had a 16% Maximum DD during the sample period.

Trades Per Year: The system produces an average of 40 trades per year with a maximum number of open positions capped at 30.

Average Length of Position: Open positions are held for an average length of  4 months.

Charting Tools Required: Standard Bollinger Bands, ROC% and ATR indicators are all that you require.

Some Of The Many Benefits To Trading The NDX100 Momentum Portfolio…

  • The System Only Trades Nasdaq 100 Stocks.
  • The Portfolio Only Requires Rebalancing Once Per Week/Month, Allowing You to Manage Your Positions Easily.
  • The System Uses a Custom-Built Ranking Indicator To Ensure That You Are Long the Strongest Stocks in the Market.
  • The Momentum Portfolio Strategy Includes a Customisable Daily Volatility Target Position-Sizing Algorithm Which Will Allow You to Standardise Your Risk Across Multiple Positions.
  • The System Rules Ensure that You Scale-Out of Positions and into Cash During Bear Markets.
  • The Rules and Scanner Codes Are Fully Disclosed. No Black Box or Proprietary Trading Tools Are Involved.
  • The System Ensures That You Avoid Exposure to any Under-Performing Stocks that Belong to the Index.
  • The Custom-Built Ranking Indicator Can Be Applied To ETFs and International Markets.
  • The System Requires No Discretionary Decision Making – All Decisions are Systematic and Easily Executed.
  • The System Variables can be Modified to Better Suit your Personal Risk Tolerance and Portfolio Goals. For example, you could easily Modify the Ready Built Strategy Formula to Test Different Rebalance Frequencies, Rebalance Thresholds, Volatility Targets or Different Degrees of Portfolio Diversification.

How The Short-Term Pattern Guides and Scanning Tools Will Benefit You…

  • The Strategies Are Applied to End Of Day Data Which Allows You To Spend Less Time at Your Trading Desk.
  • The Pattern Scanner Tools Identify Multiple Signals Each Week.
  • The Scans Will Systematically Identify Stocks and ETFs Which Have Produced a Reversal Pattern.
  • The Signals Can Be Traded In Conjunction With Discretionary / Fundamental Research.
  • The Strategy Guides Explain How to Dynamically Adjust Position-Size and Stop-Loss Levels Based upon Market Volatility.
  • The Strategy Rules and Scanner Tool Formulas Are Fully Disclosed. No Black Box or Proprietary Trading Tools Are Involved.
  • The Strategies and Pattern Scanner Formulas Can Be Modified to Include Additional Filters and Entry Order Logic.
  • The Strategy Guides Include Comprehensive Performance Metric Data for a Variety of Sector and Market Environment Filters.
  • The Formulas are Written In Such a Way That Users With No Programming Experience Can Easily Learn How to Create Their Own Strategy Scans.
  • Members are Encouraged To Get In Touch If They’d Like Help With Their Own Strategy Programming.
  • Learn How to Test and Verify the Trading Strategy Ideas that You Discover On-line or In Trading Books.

Why the Flagship Trading Course Could be Your Best Ever Investment…

  • Streamline your trading plan.
  • Learn a systematic approach for any type of market environment.
  • Learn how to manage a portfolio in just a few minutes per week.
  • Learn the indicators which are used by professional traders to quantify the trend of any market in multiple time-frames.
  • Discover the #1 principle that will allow you to build a long-term portfolio which will consistently outperform the market.
  • Get access to pre-written stock screening formulas which can be used as templates for your own research.
  • Reduce the time that you spend analysing stocks by hundreds of hours.
  • Discover how to intelligently trade ETFs, even if you are new to them.
  • Discover how to limit your risk and protect your capital during a stock market crash.
  • Learn the 3-step filtering process for identifying profitable trading opportunities.
  • Premium members also receive programming support if they want to create and test their own indicators, market-timing filters, position-sizing methods or general strategies.
  • And More.

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