Charlie Goldsmith – The Healer


Charlie Goldsmith – The Healer

Explore the world of energy healing with Charlie Goldsmith in “The Healer.” Discover principles of energy medicine, holistic healing practices, and transformative techniques. Key Highlights: Learn about the power of energy healing, its applications, and potential benefits. Enroll Now to explore the healing journey with Charlie Goldsmith!

Follow the work and life of Charlie Goldsmith Anyone who can heal people using energy. Many are skeptical about energy healing. CharlieHe is on a mission, to present his work and perform scientific studies in-In order to build his credibility and that of others.
1. Real Things are Happening
Energy healer Charlie Goldsmith Visits a family of five in an effort to help a mother regain her walking ability, meets with a young man suffering from Lyme disease, and meets Jennifer Grey, who is suffering with chronic neck pain.
2. It’s possible!
Charlie Works on a two-A year-old boy with complex conditions has been in terrible pain for the past year. He helps a cameraman recover from injuries sustained in a near fatal accident and visits Kyle Richards, who suffers from fibromyalgia.
3. Last Resort
Charlie visits a family whose life has been altered by their mom’s debilitating arthritis & psoriasis, is reunited with a doctor he once healed looking for help with his patient, and gets a visit from someone coping with scoliosis and fibromyalgia.
4. The proof is in the pudding
Charlie A man with undiagnosed hand shaking and a former NFL player is helped. As he attempts to heal a woman with back pain and arthritis, he also meets with doctors.
5. My life changed
Charlie A young girl has suffered a stroke at school. She now has trouble walking. The doctor visits the patient and visits an actress suffering from Graves Disease.
6. It’s been so long
Charlie works on a woman whose life and career are put on hold due To extensive pain in her body, helps comedian Gary Owen with his crippling knee pain, & works on a father of two whose shoulder pain has brought day-to-Day activities are brought to a halt.

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