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Chris Williams - Football Dutching Systems

Chris Williams – Football Dutching Systems

My name is Chris Williams and many of you reading this will already know about (& maybe already own) my series of highly-regarded football trading systems. My clients regularly send me emails telling me how their betting banks are growing.

A few months ago, I received an email from a long-standing client who asked me if I had any football dutching systems. I had to admit that I didn’t because dutching had never really interested me before.

(For those of you that don’t know, ‘dutching’ is when you back a range of possible outcomes for any Betfair market & aim to make a profit regardless of which bet ends up being successful. For example, in a horse race you might decide to back each of the top 5 horses in the market. So long as one of them wins the race, then you will end up with an overall profit despite losing your stakes on the 4 horses that didn’t win.)

My client’s email did make me do a Google search to see what systems other people were using but I was very disappointed!

I found a complete lack of information that showed how to dutch football markets – there were no step-by-step detailed instructions like the videos that I produce for my own football trading methods. And no-one showed any evidence that they were making long-term profits from dutching.

So, over the past few months, I have been investigating football dutching & have discovered that:

dutching football matches is one of the easiest ways to make money from Betfair that I have ever discovered!

A bold statement & I’m sure that some of you will dismiss what I have written with the comment “Yeah, we’ve heard it all before!”

But you should approach my dutching methods with an open mind & read further:

After a lot of trial & error, I have now developed a series of different dutching methods (Method 1 is available now & Method 2 will be released shortly). All of them are very simple to use & are ideal for novices as well as more experienced profit-seekers.

Of course, there will be the occasional losing bet (no system can be 100% successful) but my methods include instructions for the actions you need to take at certain points in a match to keep any potential loss to the absolute minimum. To date, I have never lost my entire stake in any unsuccessful bet.

Whilst I obviously cannot give precise details about the techniques used in the methods in this sales letter, I can tell you the following:

  • Selecting matches to be dutched is simple. You apply a few simple rules to any match – if the match meets the rules, then a bet is possible.

  • On Betfair, you then place a few back bets to cover the range of expected outcomes for the match. Note that all bets are back bets – there are no lay bets at all required in these methods.

  • You can either let the bets run to the end of a match, or you can cash-out in-play for a profit.

  • That’s it!

By now, you are probably wondering “Can I see some proof?”

This is difficult because showing proof would reveal the techniques! But here is a screenshot of my Betfair Profit & Loss account for Saturday 3rd October 2015. The screenshots cover the bets that I placed using the Football Dutching Systems Method 1 – I have of course blacked out the bet type to protect the systems:

Stakes were £25 per match (spread over the range of individual bets that were being dutched) & the ROI for each bet was between 6.8% and 12.8%.

And for even more recent, completely independent, proof that Football Dutching System Method 1 works, then you need to check out the 20-week evaluation of the method that has been done by Betting System Truths. Just click here to go to the website where you will see that the trial resulted in a profit.

So what does the Football Dutching System – Method 1 consist of?

As usual, I have produced a series of videos that explain in step-by-step detail how Method 1 works; how you select matches & place the bets. You are also shown actual matches on which I place real bets using my own Betfair account.

Instead of having the videos as downloadable, you can access them direct from this website. This method allows me to easily update videos – and add new ones.

Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 1 (14 mins)

In this video, I explain how the Football Dutching System was developed & the reasoning behind the technique. The rules for Method 1 are explained in detail.

Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 2 (66 mins)

In this video you will be shown in detail how to select matches & work out the stakes for the dutched bets. I go through an example match from start to finish. Everything is shown in step-by-step detail so that you will be easily able to follow along. By the end of this video, you should be able to make your own match selections for bets with confidence.

The video also shows the bets being placed on Betfair & whether the bets were successful or not.

Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 3 (12 mins)

This video covers the range of options that you have about cashing-out for a profit. It also details what steps you should take if it looks as if the bet might result in a loss.

Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 4 (35 mins)

Coming soon. This video details a more Advanced version of Method 1 that will increase your profitability.

Example Match 1, Match 2, Match 3 videos (51 mins)

These videos show Method 1 being used on three different types of match & show how I go about making a profit.

As you will appreciate – with over 178 mins of video, a great deal of effort has gone into providing you with fully comprehensive instructions for using the Football Dutching System – Method 1.

You are doubtless now wondering – how much is this going to cost?

Currently, Football Dutching System – Method 1 is only available on this website to my existing clients. Therefore,  you can get it for the Special Introductory Price of just:


How can you access Football Dutching System – Method 1?

Just click here or use the ‘Method 1 Videos’ link in the menu bar at the top of this page. Then just follow the instructions for payment. It’s simple – and you can be watching the videos just a few minutes after payment.

Here are some Q & A’s that you may have:

Q. “What do I need to use Football Dutching System – Method 1?”

You will need the following:

  • A Betfair account (Please check before purchasing that you are allowed to set up an account from your country of residence. USA citizens certainly can not)

  • A betting bank – the bigger the better, but £100 is the suggested minimum.

 And that is all you need

Q. “What profit can I make every month?”

A. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many different factors.

The typical profit per match is in the range 6% – 15% of the stake size. The number of matches on which you could bet each month is fairly large – you should be able to find at least 40+.

I am achieving a strike-rate that is over 97% and there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve a similar strike-rate – provided you follow the instructions!

To give you an idea of profitability using very conservative numbers (ie unlike most system sellers who use unrealistically high performance figures):

Suppose we place £10 dutched bets on 100 matches and have a 95% strike-rate. That means that 95 matches are winners. With a modest average 10% ROI, then we get £1 profit per match (95p if we allow 5% for Betfair commission).

The total profit is therefore 95 x 95p = £ 90.25

5 of the matches are losing bets so we lose £50. That means we would end up with an overall profit of £40.25

In reality, you should have a strike-rate nearer 97%; an average ROI that is higher than 10%; and using bigger stakes. In short, your profit should be bigger.

Note that there is no limit on bet size. If you wanted to place bets of £1000+, then you would be able to do so!

Q. “What size betting bank do I need?”

A. You will be pleased to learn that you don’t need a large betting bank to get started. I recommend that the total stake for each dutched bet should be 5-10% of the betting bank and a £100 minimum bank is advisable.

Q. “Are there any independent reviews of the Football Dutching System?”

A.  The Betting System Truths website that does independent long-term testing of betting systems to see if they live up to the promotional hype, has recently completed a 20-week evaluation of Method 1. As you would expect, Method 1 has passed the test easily. Click here to read the review.

The reviewer has stated the following about his first month using the system:

“To date I have not had a single losing bet over 20 games and have made an ROI of 9.82% across these games.”


If you have any questions that have not been answered above, then please contact me at [email protected] and I will be pleased to answer them.

Chris Williams

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