Cynthia L. Webner & Cathy Lockett – Don’t Miss A Beat

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Cynthia L. Webner & Cathy Lockett – Don’t Miss A Beat

Cynthia L. Webner & Cathy Lockett – Don’t Miss A Beat

Imagine your typical day at work… you go from room to room checking on all of your patients when you see an EKG readout that seems abnormal. What you do next can mean life or death for your patient — and if you can’t read an EKG properly, it’s like working with blinders on.

Take the fear and intimidation out of EKG interpretation!

Now is your chance to learn how to quickly and confidently identify changes in a patient’s cardiac status! With combined experience of over 65 years, the critical care experts in this course will give you a step-by-step systematic approach that is guaranteed to improve your skills. With the easy-to-understand techniques in this training, you will be able to identify acute coronary syndromes, bundle branch blocks, and challenging rhythms that you might have missed before.

In this cutting-edge course, you will transform your EKG skills and be fully prepared to recognize, analyze, and respond in patient emergencies. You will develop the abilities to:

  • Identify QRS axis to help determine diagnosis
  • Contrast left anterior and posterior hemiblocks
  • Recognize the location of acute coronary syndromes
  • Differentiate LBBB versus RBBB and their significance
  • Find chamber enlargements
  • And more!

The expertise you will gain in this intensive online course could be the saving grace for any of your patients… When every second counts, don’t miss a beat!

Here’s what this intensive online course covers:

ECG & Arrhythmia Interpretation Made Easy

Module 1

Time Saving Tips and Strategies

  • Create and build off your own EKG Grid
  • Cardiac Conduction System Clues
  • Layout of the 12-Lead EKG
  • Positive & Negative Lead Placement
  • Determining Cardiac Axis
    • Quick Approach for Axis by Quadrant
    • Axis Practice Utilizing “Thumbs Technique”

Module 2

EKG Fundamentals — Bundle Branch Blocks

  • Bundle Branch Blocks and Their Causes
  • Left Anterior Hemiblock Criteria
  • EKG Case Studies
  • Right & Left Atrial Enlargement
  • EKG in Ventricular Hypertrophy
  • ST Segment & T Wave Changes
  • EKG Evolution of a STEMI
  • Q Wave Abnormalities

Module 3

Specific Types of MIs

  • Anterior MI Complications & EKG Changes
  • ST Changes in Inferior MI
  • Lateral Wall MI
  • Posterior MI
  • RV Infarct Recognition and Implications

Module 4

Morphology and What You NEED to Know

  • Morphology in Lead V1 and V6
  • Methodology for Differentiation Using EKG
  • Practice: Bedside Monitoring
  • Adjustments to QT Interval
  • High Risk Features
    • Long QT Syndrome
    • Brugada Syndrome
    • Torsade’s de Pointes
  • Polymorphic VT with Normal QT

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