Disciply – The Lost Art of Discipline: The Prerequisite for Victory


Disciply – The Lost Art of Discipline: The Prerequisite for Victory

Unlock the secrets of mastering self-discipline to achieve greatness. This course covers the fundamentals of discipline, habit-building, mental resilience, time management, self-control, goal setting, and leadership.

Every desire you have for your life is won with discipline.

Few, however, understand how discipline works, what it is, and how to actually develop it and apply it to whatever area of life they want to improve.

Do you want more money?

Discipline will help you earn more and spend less on useless things.

Want a better body?

Your genetics aren’t what stands in the way, a lack of discipline in training and nutrition, does.

Want more meaning and purpose in your life?

Discipline, again, will help you get it.

Want more free time to actually live and adventurous life?

Discipline will give you more time, but also a body that can endure said adventures.

It’s what makes mediocre men great, and a lack of it can send a man born with every opportunity and luxury available crashing into poverty.

In the Lost Art of Discipline, author, Chad Howse, shows you how to make discipline automatic:

– With historical examples of how discipline has repeatedly helped men rise from the bottom of society to its greatest heights.

– How you can improve your life daily by adopting simple principles that will help you move closer to the person you can potentially become, the person your goals need you to become.

– How you can do better work in less time.

– How you can rid yourself of desires in the moment that hold you back from achieving your greater desires for how you want to ideally live your life.

It doesn’t matter what you want in life, discipline will help you get it, and the Lost Art of Discipline is the book that will provide the plan, the path, and the clarity you and your dreams need if they’re to be fulfilled.

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