Domenic Carosa – How to Buy Almost Any Business

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 Domenic Carosa – How to Buy Almost Any Business

Business Acquisition Expert Reveals The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business….

How to Buy Almost Any Business, For A Perfect Price with NO Money Down…

Dear Fellow Entrepeneur,

Over the past 10 years I’ve bought and sold over 50 companies and created over US$20 milion for myself and my investors in the process.

However what’s really unique about this is the way I’ve been able to take control, or gain ownership of companies in many cases with no money down…

For example:

Case Study 1 : Purchased 50% of an internet business with no money down

Case Study 2 : Purchased 45% of a global SMS company using other people’s money

This is perhaps the most risk free way to profit through entrepreneurialism that I know of…because you can add to an already proven business model rather than going through the risk of a ‘start up’…most of which fail.

I’ve had a lot of sharp entrepreneurs and investors ask me how I do it so I eventually decided to reveal everything in a DVD home study set…


How to Buy Almost Any Business of Your Choice With No Money Down

Mergers and Acquisitions DVD Home Study with Domenic Carosa

This is the ultimate step by step guide to:

•    Raising Capital – getting your business investor- ready

•    Acquiring businesses  – often with no money down

•    Integrating businesses – creating more value with group synergies ( – 1 + 1 = 3)

•   Exiting businesses strategically – how to exit a business the right way and earn a for a massive payday –the right way

Step by step guide to:

•    How to acquire businesses using investor capital for funding

•    How to raise capital to fund an acquisition

•    Make money with acquisitions by arbitrating

•    Merging to build significant value

•    How to set your business up so that it can be acquired for the maximum price

•    How to build an Internet business that creates recurring income

•    Step by step – how to approach, negotiate and close a deal

9 hour workshop on DVD & MP3.

Also includes USD $40,000 worth of legal documents, checklists and templates in digital format:

•    Purchase agreement template

•    Letter of Intent template

•    Comprehensive Due Diligence checklist template

•    Accelerated Due Diligence checklist

•    Loan agreement template

•    Share Purchase agreement template

•    Standard NDA template

•    Executive employment agreement template

•    Sample information memorandums used by Domenic Carosa to raise capital

This is little known, vital information which you can leverage to produce massive profits – just I have done myself and it is very conservatively valued at $4,995.

But as a marketing test I am currently selling this  package for only USD $497 (this price maybe increased at any time).

Not only that you can trial it with no risk…

This program contains over 9 hours of detailed content presented by mergers & acquisitions expert Domenic Carosa.

Learn the benefits of growing a business using acquisitions as a strategy. Also the process involved with approaching, negotiation, closing and integrating acquisitions or mergers to build significant value into a business.

The program also includes all the documents, contracts and templates required to execute an acquisition, merger or even the sale of a business to a strategic buyer.

About Domenic Carosa

Domenic is one of Australia’s leading experts on the subject of Acquisitions. Domenic draws on his experience and outlines how he has executed over 50 acquisition or divestment transactions ranging from $50k to 55m.

Starting in his parents’ basement at the age of 17, Domenic went on to list his company destra on the ASX at the age of just 25, becoming Australia’s youngest CEO of a publicly listed company in ASX history.

Destra became a regular in BRWs Fast 100 with over $100m in revenues. Domenic has mastered the process of building growth and value using mergers and acquisitions. This comprehensive program is your opportunity to leverage off Domenic’s 17 years experience and over $100m in transactions.


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