Dr. Joseph Riggio – The Art Of Story

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – The Art Of Story

Story The essence of everything of How we see ourselves and the world around us. When we understand our story, it helps us understand who and how we can act in the world.-at-large.

The Art of Story It is about the meaning of stories and how they are created, encoded and incorporated into ourselves, and how these stories shape our sense of self. of Reality and how stories can be used to change it for ourselves and others.
Joseph She is both a storyteller and a designer. of stories. This two-Hour webcast, he will share his secrets of “storying about” He used the term “creating and inhabiting stories” to describe his method of creating and using them. of Stories for co-You can create reality with others. As a long-Student for a term of Story, and the great storytellers of scholars like Joseph Campbell, Joseph It will show you the beauty of The spoken word in the form of Stories and the impact of stories of Hear the stories.
Stories are as old or as ancient as humanity. The Ancients revered art of Story and telling of stories. Stories are shared because they contain memories. of As traders, elders, and shamans told stories around the fire, the traders sat around the fireside while they shared their stories. of Creation itself. The art of storying, however, has been lost for most people. This webcast Joseph It will help you to revive the art and share it, rekindling ancestral memories and bringing out the storyteller in you.
This webcast is for people who are interested stories and how they are told. The webcast will end when you are done. of This time, with Joseph You will be rewarded for telling the truth of The stories he shares will make you appreciate storytelling more. of stories yourself.
What Joseph You will learn more about story and become a better storyteller, interpreter, and creator. of stories yourself. You’ll learn how to listen for the stories that are not told of You can help others by bringing life to them. You will have the ability to tap into stories and transform your life. of All those around you.
This will be a memorable event as you’re unlikely to meet anyone else who has the gift. of The storyteller at the top of Joseph’s mastery. He will transform you beyond being informed and entertained.
What is it? Story?
Insider’s Guide:
Story Art is art of Capturing a moment of Sharing time and crystallizing that with intention to take someone beyond the moment they are in.
The The best stories grab attention and move it into awe. of The event itself is revealed… telling the viewer (reader) what transpired and what result it has. Sometimes, what is revealed can only be accessed hours, days or even decades later. of Story to attract and enthrall while delaying the power of impact of The tale must be told until the recipient is ready to receive the reward.
There is magic in the way stories intertwine with time. Time collapsing to bits, and time recoded according to the intentions of the teller. The Most powerful stories are told between times, when time is suspended so the listener can take part. of You will leave the experience with everything you have learned and not having to pay the price of Time itself is like Ebenezer Scrooge emerging from his night. of Ghost visits of Christmas is a new man born. Even though he was a part of many stories of He slept for a whole night, and woke up the next morning as if there was no time. of He was granted grace and miracles after a night of sleepless nights of The entire story is relived of His life.
Story It has the power of transformation and it can make you a magician of Sorts, a shaman who has the ability to heal or cause harm. Story You can shape the future, not just the past. Use it wisely.
Are you a professional coach, counselor or counselor?
Story Is the medium, mechanism, and vehicle that transports us beyond our limitations and into what empowers…
Dr. Joseph RiggioTwo hours of instruction will be shared with the master. of The art of story. He will lead you to the space that contains stories and from which it emerges.
This will allow you to see stories you never knew existed. of It has been used before as a balm to the soul. But now with an edge of A sword. This story will allow you transport others as much as you like.
Joseph will  provide you with examples and live demonstrations during the webcast … entertaining and informing you, all the while transforming your ability as a storyteller elegantly and sublimely.

 Here’s what you’ll get in Joseph Riggio – The Art of Story

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