FasterEFT – Tapping Demonstrations

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FasterEFT - Tapping Demonstrations

FasterEFT – Tapping Demonstrations

For FasterEFT – Tapping Demonstrations

30 Downloadable Files in Total

  1. Greg’s FasterEFT Session
  2. Healing Sexual Memories of Rape and Abuse
  3. Jennifer’s FasterEFT Session
  4. Wixies FasterEFT Session
  5. Full Addiction Session with Alvin
  6. Stop Smoking Now
  7. The A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment with Heather
  8. Weight Loss Make it Work for You (Part 1 & 2)
  9. Healing Tiffany with the A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment
  10. My Father’s Death Stuck in 40 Years of Back Pain
  11. Change Your Inner World Change Your Life
  12. Change Your Inner World Change Your Life Tapping
  13. 01 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  14. 02 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  15. 03 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  16. 04 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  17. 05 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  18. 06 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  19. 07 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  20. 08 Free Yourself By Letting Go (Live Seminar Hauge)
  21. FasterEFT The Healing Attitudes
  22. Its More Powerful Than Willpower
  23. Know The Dynamic Power Within You
  24. 01 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  25. 02 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  26. 03 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  27. 04 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  28. 05 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  29. 06 Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind
  30. Why Do You Do What You Hate


11 x Video Presentation (MP4) Downloads

“Cameron’s FasterEFT Session”
In this video presentation, we watch Robert Smith use the EUTAPTICS system to help Cameron to release his drug addiction. This is a full 1 hour and 23 min FasterEFT session by Robert Smith at the Habilitat Inc Drug and Rehab center in Hawaii. You’ll see how Robert uses the power of FasterEFT to help Cameron release the emotional childhood pain surrounding his schizophrenic alcoholic and drug addicted father.

“Greg’s FasterEFT Session”
From being abandoned by his mother at an early age, sexual abuse by foster parents, drug problems and a life-long pattern of making bad choices, Greg is guided by Robert to go inside and learn to replace these negative memories with positive affirmations of self-love and forgiveness††a poignant and dynamic session!

“Healing Sexual Memories of Rape and Abuse”
Sexual abuse is one of the most controversial and least talked about issues in society today, yet it is so common. This video shows you how the FasterEFT techniques from the EUTAPTICS system can help release the hurt and pain of sexual abuse or rape. Every woman should watch this video.

“Jennifer’s  FasterEFT Session”
In Jennifer’s session, Robert uses the EUTAPTICS system’s FasterEFT tapping style to help Jennifer cope with and rid herself of feelings of self hate, addiction to drugs, feelings of guilt at the death of loved ones, a sense of being all alone and feelings of failure in her relationships. Prepare to encounter an emotionally-charged session.

“Wixie’s Session”
In Wixie’s session, you will follow her journey from a sexually abused frightened child, through an adult life of drug abuse and stealing from others, and experience her pain of guilt, confusion, and lack of self-worth. Robert leads her from a confused and turbulent past to healing in the present, using the power of FasterEFT tapping techniques for self-forgiveness.

“Full Addiction Session with Alvin”
In the Full Addiction Session With Alvin, Robert conducts an emotionally- charged interview and helps Alvin face a painful range of memories from an abusive father, incarceration, drug and alcohol addiction, loss of family and depression; tapping on each one to completion. With Alvin, we learn that, regardless of the intensity of the problem, it is our choice to continue old habits, or choose new ones to set us free.

“Stop Smoking Now”
You will be amazed as Robert Smith uses the EUTAPTICS system’s FasterEFT tapping style to help Susan discover that smoking is not an addiction but an emotional coping mechanism she has used since childhood to deal with her pain and disappointments. Learn how to eliminate the desire to smoke by getting rid of the emotional triggers that make you reach for that next cigarette. Susan has been smoke-free since October 2010! Want to stop smoking? This is for you!

“The A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment: Healing The Pain With Heather”
The woman Robert works with in this video has had incurable back pain for 20 years. See how Robert helps Heather change her life!

“Weight Loss: Make it Work For You”
In Weight Loss: Make it Work for You, Robert teaches you how to destroy the emotional drivers behind your eating habits. Habits and addictions are something we have learned. We have references and beliefs about the way we eat. Robert tells you the secret on how to change the way you eat forever, leaving you in more control of your life.

“Healing Tiffany with the A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment”
In this video presentation, Robert Smith explains how to address any issue with the amazing A.R.T. OF CHANGE assessment, which is part of the EUTAPTICS system. Watch how Robert decodes Tiffany’s issues that supported her pain and learn how Tiffany used FasterEFT to help heal her fibromyalgia.

“Father’s Death Stuck in 40 Years of Back Pain”
By asking the crucial question regarding Hanna´s back pain, Robert manages to address the issue that created it 40 years ago – her father’s death. Although she had tried many other methods of traditional medicine and therapy (hypnosis, optimism seminars, classical EFT) as well as visiting many doctors, it was FasterEFT that shifted the emotions supporting the back pain. Only Robert managed to make the connection between the death of Hanna´s father and her back pain.

Plus These Video Download Sets (11 Files)

“Change Your Inner World, You’ll Change Your Life” (2 files)
In Change Your Inner World, You’ll Change Your Life, we are taught that past memories are just stored data and do not constitute present reality. Robert uses his unique insight into problems to free us from replaying the same dysfunctional memories and establish new, positive ones.

Learn How Tapping Works On Any Problem with Change Your Inner World, You’ll Change Your Life-Tapping Only, a DVD using the FasterEFT tapping technique alone, Robert taps on several issues with different people, teaching us how to use this invaluable tool on ourselves for problem resolution.

“Free Yourself By Letting Go” (8 files)
In this great seminar, you learn:

  • What does letting go mean and how do you do it?
  • What is the cause of our problems and why we have them?
  • How to manage and let go of negative beliefs, problems and emotions.
  • How to let go of what you don’t want in your life and get more of what you do want!

And “FasterEFT The Healing Attitudes” PDF
What motivates us? What controls us? Are our memories real?
The answers to these questions and more are found in The FasterEFT Healing Attitudes that are part of EUTAPTICS; a download that is a list of 66 Healing Attitudes that will enlighten, inspire and heal you.

PLUS 4 x Audio Presentation (MP3) Downloads:

“It’s More Powerful Than Willpower”
With It’s More Powerful than Willpower, you will begin to understand what drives us to do what we don’t want to do. With this tool, you can eliminate what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

“Know The Dynamic Power Within You”
Know the Dynamic Power Within You will show you that you have all the power within you to change your emotional states. Robert explains how to change the emotions within yourself to transform your world forever. With Robert’s approach, you will have the power to become emotionally aware. Learn what the powerful force within us is, and become aware of how it affects us.

“Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind” (6 files)
Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind and Reprogramming Your Brain. This audio seminar is divided into 6 easy-to-listen – a total of 10 hours of training. This presentation by Robert Smith addresses the real cause of weight gain – it’s not the food, it’s the mind and if you change the mind the pounds will drop away..

“Why You Do What You Hate”
In this audio presentation, Robert Smith explains why we do what we hate … over and over again. You will understand the inner process of entrapment. and realize why you have been behaving the ways you hate your whole life. Robert explains how your emotional programming is keeping you from behaving productively in your life. Join Robert as he gives you the keys to your success!


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