Felipe Tudela – The Secret Code of Japanese Candlesticks

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Felipe Tudela – The Secret Code of Japanese Candlesticks

Felipe Tudela – The Secret Code of Japanese Candlesticks

Whether you trade futures, commodities, or equities, Japanese candlesticks can make you a lot of money: the difficulty is using them correctly. A powerful trading tool, cardstocks are an efficient and precise method, offering the magic of an ancient civilization which is inaccessible to the uninitiated. they have a simple logic, which has been passed down from generation to generation, guiding the success of Japanese traders for centuries.Only a very small number of trades have mastered the method, the key of which is hidden within Honma’s Five Sakata Methods. The Secret Code of Japanese Candlesticks is the first book ever published in the English language that explains this key and how to use it. covering both the Samni No den of the Market and the Sakata strategies, with practical examples, illustrations, charts, graphs and a table to simplify this ancient methodology, this book presents a self-contained, standalone methodology which will enable readers to master this unique and highly effective approach to trading. From money management, risk control and position sizing, to the strategies requires, this book is all the trader needs to trade each specific market phase.

“The Secret Code of Japanese candlesticks is not just another candlestick book Rather, if you want to know Honma’s Samni No Den of markets and the Sakata strategies for successful trading, then read this book. If you study the markets and implement the methods di9scussed here, you will profit from owning this book.” – Thomas N. Bulkowski

“Felipe Tudela has provided an explanation and a meaning to Japanese candlestick chart analysis that heretofore has been lacking. This book is clear, concise and comprehensive. It is must reading for the beginner as well as the avid, experienced candlestick trader.” – Tom DeMark

“Felipe Tudela’s latest book combines one of the hottest tools for today’s traders- Candlestick charting-with the time-tested strategies of Sokyu Honma’s. This groundbreaking book is well researched with plenty of illustrations of how to implement this simple, yet powerful trading strategy. The techniques described by Felipe will help traders overcome the need to use subjective lagging indicators to help confirm signals derived from Candlestick patterns, which can often prove to be challenging. Instead, they will learn to use the market’s own behavior to boost their trading performance. I highly recommend this book for any chartist. The cutting-edge techniques are right on the money!” – John Crane

About the Author

Felipe Tudela is president of the centre de Recherche Financiere and manages a limited partnership for a group of private investors. He has lectured in France and abroad for various financial institutions such as the Bank of France, the London Society of Technical Analysts, the FOW group and the French Association of Technical Analysis. He is a member of the board of AFATE(French Association of Technical Analysis) and creator of the triads, a market model that enables the user to analyse market behaviour without many of the inconveniences of normal distribution based indicators, thus avoiding many of their false signals. He is the author of Methode Triades, a book that explains this model, and which is used by leading financial institutions. His most recent discovery, and the subject of this book, is the original way to trade Japanese candlesticks and their use in conjunction with Sokyu Honma’s five Sakata methods. He currently trades the markets, writes, lectures and does research on technical analysis.

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