Frank Kern – 30 Day Attack

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Frank Kern – 30 Day Attack

Frank Kern – 30 Day Attack


Hundreds of People Are Changing The Narrative On Their Lives Why Not You?
Sales Mastery
Agency Creation/ Team Building
Traffic & Lead Generation
Closing /Cross Selling/ Upselling Techniques
Read This If You’re Looking to Establish A Profitable and Successful Online Agency!
Dear Friend,
If you are here chances are that you have found that you are unsatisfied with the typical occupational rat race , and desire a more entrepreneurial route within your life. 
Or you have already taken that entrepreneurial route in life and are ready to take your skills and or business to the next level. Whatever may be the reason this program is for you.
In today’s day and age education is used as a premise for general knowledge and all though this knowledge comes pretty useful many will find that the knowledge that is given doesn’t always coincide with the route of business that you are looking to take.
There is so much more education that is more relevant towards your goals, online than there is at a typical; university.  I know this because I have spent years training people who work in paid positions for big time corporation companies that don’t use information that we would call basic in advertising and sales.
MIDDLE MAN CONSULTING is a training base that teaches both basic and advance levels of consulting and takes through the most intricate parts of creating your own digital marketing agency.
If you’re a Digital Marketing Agency on the Internet and you’d like some help making your business perform better, we’d be happy to help!
Also if you are brand new to this world of consulting we will still like to help.
Here’s How It Works

Lots of people (understandably) challenge folks like me who teach Internet marketing by asking a very good question:

“If you’re so smart, why don’t you use all your knowledge to sell something that has nothing to do with business or marketing?”

It’s a fair question.

Challenge accepted :slight_smile:

So starting April 6th I’m going to do this:

  1. Go into a market that has nothing to do with business or marketing. (You’ll laugh when you see what it is.)
  2. Build a brand.
  3. Build a list.
  4. (Hopefully) GET SOME SALES

‘ll be documenting what I’m doing every day and sending you emails with the video …as well as daily instructions if you want to follow along and implement what I’m showing you.

P.S. This is going to be:

  1. A total train wreck that makes me look dumb, or …
  2. Absolutely awesome.

I’m betting on 2.

From The Desk Of Frank Kern.


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Here’s why we’re doing this

Class Description

What if one small change could make your life dramatically easier?

If changing one thing could make life easier, what would that be? Some might say,


Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of recent #1

bestseller and

, asks the key unexpected questions to uncover all the small changes that add up to better habits, routines, and systems to make life easier.
Join Tim Ferriss for a short exercise on how to be ten times more productive. He’ll show you how to do it and speak to how he did the same for himself. Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive, will join the conversation. They’ll discuss their routines and Tim’s new book


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