Gina DeVee – Life Purpose Project LIVE

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Gina DeVee – Life Purpose Project LIVE

Gina DeVee – Life Purpose Project LIVE

Discover Your Purpose + Design Your Dream Career

So BEING YOU is the Best Thing in Your Life Again!

Not money. Not misery. Not family frustrations. Not even having to give up bread so you can squeeze into your skinny jeans!

These situations might be a total drag on your joy and happiness, however, they PALE in comparison to the all-consuming black-hole of existential questions that come with not knowing your purpose, like:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I meant to do with my life?
  • What’s my unique calling?
  • Do I have a purpose that matters?

…These questions, my Darling, are what all of us must give time and attention to until we are certain!

There are no extra humans!

Maybe you have some idea of what your calling is, or maybe you aren’t clear at all. Either way, I’m here to help you have crystal clarity and confidence about your purpose. Because beyond a show of a doubt, you have one.

You too have a reason for being on this planet. Right now, your job is to get clear on your life purpose and develop the confidence to share your gifts with the world in a big way. I’m here to mentor you to do exactly that.

Every Woman Deserves

to be clear and confident on her life purpose. Are you?

If you’re…

  • SO OVER being stuck in the mediocre “slow lane” and desperate for a plan to move you faster
  • Ready to trade in your current “nice” life for the spectacular, spiritually-guided career path of living out your purpose in a much bigger way
  • Just wanting to share your gifts and wishing the money thing would figure itself out already!
  • Frustrated watching successful women share their true abilities and make a difference with the masses while your own gifts are left in the dust
  • Anything BUT clear and confident in who you are, what you  desire and what unique “thing” you have to offer the world
  • A complete stranger to that little girl you once were with BIG  DREAMS of being a superstar, who knew anything is possible

It’s your Turn…

  • Become clear on the glorious details of your unique life purpose!
  • Be guided to connect spiritually so that you experience the daily miracles that come from living your calling
  • Learn how to get paid to be you as you share your unique gifts with the people you’re meant to serve
  • Gain unshakable confidence to voice the message you LOVE MOST so that you make the difference this world needs!
  • Launch your dream projects the feminine way by creating the action plan that is abundantly supported by the Universe
  • Break the spell of other people’s old-fashion rules and beliefs so you can freely create your true desires
  • Make real money as you develop your on-purpose business plan that allows you to enjoy your BEST LIFE every single day!



COURSE STARTS LIVE JULY 17TH! Inside every woman is a fierce feminine superpower. And once you access it, everything in your life opens up…

Clarity on your Purpose?

Confidence to be Visible?

Connected to your Femininity?

Ability to create wealth Without Burnout?

Self-worth to allow deep, committed Romance?

The life Purpose Project

discover your purpose & design your dream career  so being you is the best thing in your life again!

Week 1  Spirituality is Your Superpower

Activating your spirituality has a purpose. Only when you allow yourself to be Divinely guided can you fulfill your calling. Maybe you don’t know specifically what your calling is yet…however, God doesn’t make extra humans, so you definitely have one. This week will help you get crystal clear and confident.

IN WEEK ONE, you will:

  • Ask me your final question on anything from your emotional blocks and money makeover to your package, price point and messaging!
  • Be filled with gratitude that you are finally clear and confident about your purpose, who you’re meant to serve, and your offer that you love!
  • Reflect on how far you’ve come and set yourself up for even more EPIC success
  • Anchor in your purpose and vision so that you see it as clearly and quickly as the light switching on in your kitchen
  • Create your solid action plan for moving forward with your next 90-days of biz growth!
  • Learn how to maintain your unshakable spiritual certainty in your purpose as you continue beyond this course!
  • The life Purpose Project
  • Includes:
  • 7 Live Video  Training & Coaching Calls + CALL RECORDINGS!
  • Each week, enjoy dedicated time with your multi-7-figure feminine business mentor and global group of driven, spiritual women. It’s your opportunity to ask Gina any unique question you have and receive personalized, high-level coaching and guidance.


PLUS, you’ll get full video recordings of each live call so you can watch as many times as you’d like, or if you can’t make a call time, you won’t miss a thing!

7 In-Depth  Modules to Guide You Through the Curriculum!

Complete with workbooks, journal activities and bonus audios, each module will help you deeply process AND take inspired action. It’s both sides of the Queen equation to make sure you never miss an important step.

At the end of the week, ask Gina your question: about the material, a new awareness, or ask for feedback on your ideas and creations! And listen in as women just like you ask questions you’re dying to know the answer to.

Members Only Facebook Group
AKA your new global network of business besties!

Your income is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so let’s up-level your social circle! Here’s your opportunity to connect with high-vibrational women who are choosing to play BIG…

In the Life Purpose Project private Facebook group, you’ll network and mastermind with empowered women from all over the world who are here to celebrate with you on your epic journey!



Q&A with Marianne Williamson

World-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author Marianne Williamson joins us to help get you clear on your path to purpose!

  • Experience an exclusive interview session with me and my former mentor!
  • Deepen your spiritual perspective on what it means to be Queen and do life on-purpose
  • Ask Marianne any questions about your personal, spiritual and career journey!
  • Bonus!
  • $250 VALUE — YOURS FREE!

Exclusively for 10-12 Women Only



Elevate & accelerate your journey
with the power of this intimate 2-day retreat
in the one-of-a-kind vortex of NYC

This exclusive experience is your chance to…

  • Receive in-depth personalized coaching from Gina in an intimate group setting for greater clarity on your purpose & next steps
  • Heal the hidden issues that are blocking you from taking action on your big vision with help from a masterful coach
  • Enjoy two full days away from your status quo, in a vortex of unlimited possibility
  • Enter a feminine, spiritual space where you can bond with other women just like you
  • Eliminate any lingering self-doubts around your purpose, packages or pricing so you can go forth and book out your calendar!
  • Discover what it will take to go to the next level of living out your purpose and creating your biggest dreams

Virtual Course Only!

7 Weeks to Discover Your Dream


  • 7 live training & coaching video calls with Gina DeVee
  • 7 in-depth training modules to walk you through every step of discovering your calling and creating your profitable business
  • Access to the exclusive Life Purpose Project Facebook Group, your new source of everyday inspo and lifelong friends!
  • BONUS: Interview and Q&A call with Marianne Williamson!
  • BONUS: My renowned client Welcome Packet ($250 value, FREE!)

Would you like to join them?

It’s your turn to make a choice

Are You Ready To…

  • Release your unconscious beliefs about “what you should be doing” and allow yourself what you actually DESIRE and feel called to do! I’ll help you get other people’s voices out of your head and clear up those uninvestigated beliefs about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do.
  • No longer feel like a helpless little girl waiting for her dreams to magically appear. News flash: you don’t need anyone’s permission to live out your life’s purpose. This program will connect you with your superstar confidence and will open up glorious, grown-up opportunities for you!
  • Stop normalizing survival mode and the unfulfilled life! If you approach life like it’s this endless, draining struggle, it always will be! Time for women to break the cycle and step out of our self-made “prisons.” You’ll wonder why you wasted so much time thinking life was meant to be hard.
  • Understand that living your life purpose will be the opportunity for you to heal your relationship with money and transform your self-worth. Living paycheck to paycheck seemed like a perfectly acceptable life, until I allowed myself to be the real me! Healing your personal money wounds is intimidating, a little uncomfortable, and one hundred percent necessary! With my help you’ll be one of the privileged few who understands the true meaning of abundance, and attracts financial miracles as a way of life.
  • Create an unshakeable spiritual connection so that self-doubt or setbacks never derail you from your vision! You’re so much stronger than you think you are. In this course I will show you how to overcome any thoughts that are standing in your way with help from your God.
  • Create a profitable career doing what you love! Thousands of my clients have proven just how possible this is for women like us. You too deserve to know how to position yourself to make a difference in people’s lives, travel the world, enjoy deeply satisfying relationships and love life daily. God has no interest in you being broke, as we can all agree it’s going to take BIG money for you live out your purpose.
  • Design a lifestyle that makes you truly excited to get out of bed every morning, and inspires everyone you meet! Say goodbye to feeling bored by your surroundings, your social calendar and the contents of your closet. Whether your ideal lifestyle includes summers in the South of France or a two-week hike through the Pacific Northwest, you’ll learn how to say YES to everything that makes your heart LEAP!

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES,” “YES” AND “YES” AGAIN, and if you’re feeling more excited with each moment that passes, then click below to start NOW!

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