Joanne Musa – Tax Lien Investing Secrets

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Joanne Musa – Tax Lien Investing Secrets

Joanne Musa – Tax Lien Investing Secrets


Buying Tax Liens Online 2020 Update

Want me to spend 3 days in your city helping you get ready for a tax sale and attending the tax sale with you, like I did for Jim…

Are You Looking for a Better Way to Invest Your Money?

  • Are you looking for a an investment that will get a better return than your money market account, but is safer than the stock market?
  • Do you want double digit or high single digit returns on your money without the risk of the stock market?
  • Have you  heard about tax liens but don’t know how to begin to invest in them?
  • Have you had a hard time finding the specific information that you need about how to get started?
  • Have you already paid a lot of money for someone’s tax lien investing course only to find out that it was mostly testimonials about the benefits of buying tax lien certificates, but gave you didn’t really tell you how to do it yourself, or about what the risks involved are and how to avoid them?

My name is Joanne Musa, I’m known online as the TaxLienLady, and I’ve got a reputation for being the most trusted authority on tax lien investing in the world. I’ve trained people on how to build a profitable portfolio of US tax lien certificates and/or tax deeds. This web site and my Tax Lien Investing Tips blog were created to fill a need for useful information about investing in tax lien certificates. We also provide home study courses that take you step-by-step through different methods of investing in tax delinquent properties. You can find out more about the courses and learning programs we offer on our Resources page.


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