Johnny Dzubak , AJ Harbinger – The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy

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Johnny Dzubak , AJ Harbinger - The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy

Johnny Dzubak , AJ Harbinger – The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy

For Johnny Dzubak , AJ Harbinger – The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy

The Art of Charm – Attraction Alchemy
Have you ever tried to improve your success with women and been utterly terrified (or even paralyzed) by how much you DON’T know?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Just search for something simple like, “How to attract a woman,” and you’ll get thousands of pages with conflicting advice – most of them from “experts.”

It’s enough to make any man shut down under the sheer weight of how much there is to learn.

Here’s a thought: Maybe the problem isn’t YOU.

Maybe the problem is your APPROACH to women, dating and social dynamics in general.

In other words, maybe it’s not about learning dozens of techniques and cobbling them into some makeshift routine to get yourself laid.

Perhaps it’s about transformation – taking everything that’s already inside of you, playing up your strengths and improving your weaknesses – then combining all your best qualities into the most attractive version of yourself.

That’s not rocket science.

Where I come from, that’s called Alchemy.

For almost a decade, The Art of Charm has led the world in teaching men proven strategies to become more confident, develop world-class social skills, and attract the women they’ve always wanted.

We’ve done this primarily through our free podcast…and our $7,000-per-seat bootcamps.

But there’s a problem.

Some guys don’t want to sort through hundreds of podcasts to get the information they need.

And some guys don’t have $7,000 (or a week of free time) to drop on an intensive bootcamp.

So we stripped down our live trainings to their BARE essentials and created Attraction Alchemy – our flagship “mini-training” that delivers all the essential lessons taught at our bootcamps – delivered at your own pace (for a fraction of the price.)

This is considered a “mini-course” – but we guarantee you’ll learn more with Attraction Alchemy than the majority of other, higher-priced digital products on the market.
As a student, you’ll learn:

The simple words you can use to break the ice every time with our guide to banter. (pg 103)
A fool-proof way to make meaningful connections with women in just minutes using advanced rapport. (pg 53)
How to develop rock-solid confidence, even when you’re being tested with our guide on how to respond to challenges. (pg 33)
The secret to coming out on top when the “one-upsman”, the “hater” and the “cockblocker” rear their ugly heads – and make them your allies in the process. (multiple pgs)
How to gauge your performance and improvement with objective experiments. (multiple pgs)
How to build an aura of positive energy around you that will have women approaching you. (pg 28)
Simple body language “hacks” to engage her, reward her interest and increase her sexual desire for you. (pg 41)
The counterintuitive strategy that makes a woman smile every time you approach (pg 112)
How to use your “geekiness” and other quirks as a way to make yourself irresistible to women. (pg 19)
Much, MUCH more
Get immediately download Johnny Dzubak , AJ Harbinger – The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy

With Attraction Alchemy, every student receives:

The Alchemy course book

– over 100 pages of immediately actionable, university-level material on approaching women, slowly turning up the “dial” on their attraction, and getting them to chase you – all using tested psychological principles. ($67 value)

Dozens of exercises after every chapter to solidify the concepts in the book – including video examples of exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) ($37 value)

A comprehensive, 40-minute video tutorial on approaching with confidence and eliminating fear (in stunning HD quality) ($67 value)

Over 70 minutes of crystal-clear audio workshops on getting women to approach you and building sexual tension. ($67 value)

A 1-on-1 strategy session with an expert Art of Charm coach to help you through your toughest challenges. ($97 value)

Plus: TWO Incredible Bonuses That We’re Dumb For Offering…

The number one rule of sales is that you’re not supposed to give away the farm.

These next two bonuses come damn close to crossing the line – but what the hell, why not?

In addition to the treasure trove of material already present, when you enroll in Attraction Alchemy, you’ll get access to never-before-released videos of AJ teaching his brand new material at our $7,000 live bootcamp.

Video #1: Advanced Banter Techniques ($97 value)

Most guys don’t have trouble understanding what banter is – but they do have trouble understanding exactly how to implement it in a way that makes women feel at ease and attracted. Watch AJ break it down for our private students in this all new, advanced tutorial.

Video #2: The Social Sales Funnel ($97 value)

Let’s be honest, sales funnels work. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. But is there a way to take the power and efficiency of a sales funnel and apply that in a social setting? Watch AJ break down how you can easily get an endless stream of new friends and high-quality women in your life with minimal effort.

NOTE: Neither of these concepts have EVER been taught in any of our material before outside of our live courses – and we weren’t even sure that we wanted to add them to this course. But we did. So the videos are INTENTIONALLY a little “ghetto.” This is just us teaching live. No studio. No B.S.

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