Katrina Ruth Programs – Get Famous Being You

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Get Famous Being You

Katrina Ruth Programs – Get Famous Being You

Work With Me for 6 Weeks and Walk Out Crystal Clear on Who You Want to Be, How You Want to Be Known, Where You Want the MONEY to Come From, and the Precise Inner and Outer Actions You Need to Take Now to Get FAMOUS, Rich and Free Being You!

Warning: this is a serious implementation intensive for already successful women who are ready to nail down and start ACTING on what they’ve always known will be their destiny. Do not keep reading unless you’re serious about leaving your CURRENT reality behind and acting NOW from a place of being the “one day you” you’ve so long dreamed of!

Hi gorgeous – my name is Katrina Ruth and while I could and perhaps normally would give you a whole big rousing speech of what’s possible for you here in the intro, instead let’s get straight down to business:

You’ve always known you were going to be shit hot famous, rich, free to live as you please, one of the blessed few who truly chooses to live into their purpose, and that your name would be on everybody’s lips.

Well: when are you going to get around to that, hey?

You’ve spoken about it for long enough –

Dreamed about it for as long as you can remember –

Even YOU are just about sick of hearing your own BS as to why you can’t yet take action –

And it’s about freaking time you shut up on THINKING about it and got to work.

The REALITY which scares you nearly as much as it excites you, is that if you really locked in your goals and COMMITTED, your power to manifest instant change is ENORMOUS.

You KNOW everything you dream of is within reach.

And the only thing that’s been stopping you is you.

Enough is enough.

I’m here to tell you that the hopes and dreams and knowledge inside of you is NOT going to go away, that the stuff you’re called to do is speaking to you for a reason, and that it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

It’s time to COMMIT – perhaps for the very first time truly (and indeed if you’d already committed you’d already BE there) – to getting FAMOUS for being you.

I’m talking:

Making money the way YOU want to
Working with the clients you REALLY would love to
Being KNOWN for what you were born for
Being the HOT name on everybody’s lips in your industry
Having the shit hot DEALS and opportunities and OFFERS you’re sick of waiting for
And quitting all of the small-time nonsense you’re right now allowing to consume and also TRAP you!

In my fully online home study program, Get Famous For Being You, that’s exactly what we’re going to do, and that’s just for starters.

But I’m serious when I say:

This is not for everyone.

This program is not something to kick the tyres of, spend some money and time on, hang out and get inspired and kid yourself you’re doing something to move forward.

This is if you’re ALREADY kicking major ass with the way you approach business and life.

You’re ALREADY hustling.

You’re ALREADY actively putting yourself out there to build your brand and brand YOU.

You’re ALREADY “on your way”.

You’re ALREADY so far ahead of the norm.

It’s just that you kind know you need a kick up the ass and a POWERFUL leap to actually go all in and be SERIOUSLY on your way.

So if you have no freaking clue right now what your calling even is, if the idea of fame and fortune is something that sounds cool but you don’t already KNOW it’s for you, if you can’t honestly say hand on your heart that you’d rather DIE before getting a job, that the idea of quitting just flat out CONFUSES you and you don’t even know why I’d mention it, that you know that you know that you KNOW you’re going to be famous and rich, then for the love of God:


You won’t get it.

You won’t be able to keep up.

It will scare and confuse you, and you just won’t GET it okay.

Please, this is not a tactic this is me flat out saying that if your goal is to ‘replace your income’ or make a nice little 6-figures or even 7-figures and if you really just want me to teach you about signature programs and how to build your list or run a launch then RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN because you will NOT get what you’re looking for and I didn’t MAKE this for you.

Okay. Cool! Had to say that.

But if you know.

And you KNOW that you know.

And you’ve ALWAYS known.

Then this is the fucking time to do something about it.

So what are you waiting for?!

So When Do We Begin? What are the Details? How Will it Work?!

Okay okay, I know! Eventually I get to the details, right?!

We start: Right away! As this is a home study program you will get access to your training as soon as you join.

How it works and ‘what you get’:

  • You’ll receive a weekly audio training
  • As well as a worksheet on both INNER and OUTER action tasks to take
  • And access to previously recorded live coaching Q&As!


Isn’t it obvious? You know you were born to be super rich and famous and you’re ready to step the fuck up and make it happen! Do you even need to KNOW how we’re going to do that, or are you ready to finally #vagup or strap on a pair and get to being OUTCOME FOCUSED so that you, you know, get the outcome?!

Look – you know me and you know I am a CONTENT POWERHOUSE. I deliver and THEN some. I am also INTUITIVELY GUIDED with what I deliver and my best work that’ll hit you in the face and guide you to where you need to be comes from through me, a download, live in the moment of speaking and creating.

So I’m not going to ‘make up’ some random shit I think you want to hear about what we’ll do.

I mean okay, the basics! –

  • Making money the way YOU want to
  • Working with the clients you REALLY would love to
  • Being KNOWN for what you were born for
  • Being the HOT name on everybody’s lips in your industry
  • Having the shit hot DEALS and opportunities and OFFERS you’re sick of waiting for
  • And quitting all of the small-time nonsense you’re right now allowing to consume and also TRAP you!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and we’ll be diving into a TON more, not just the above and below stuff but also whatever comes UP and is needed. It’s usual practice for me to create more content as I go based on what the conversation is around and what you need.

Here’s some more example of stuff we’ll be getting down with:

Stuff around permission and giving it to YOURSELF so you can do this…

Around how to create content that POSITIONS you the way you need to be …

Around the practicalities of what needs to get DONE each day in your business and how to do it …

On my most POWERFUL transformative processes for writing and creating your future as you go …

On how to actually reach out and connect with the big players and industry leaders or ‘already super famous’ people you want to be friends with or known to …

On my EXACT process I’ve been using (the inside and the out) to blow shit up in my fame situation and how to implement it for RAPID change for you …

On exactly what you need to NOW be doing if you’re acting AS the famous and rich version of you …

Not to mention the LIFETIME FUCKING SUPPORT in the group, plus ongoing live coaching!

What it’s about, in short?


Get on it!


One of my highest values in business, aside from ALIGNMENT I’d say THE highest (and actually this IS alignment!) is transparency, and just telling it like it is.

Right now, I am CALLED to unleash Get Famous Being You.

It must be done. It HAS to be. It is EXPLODING UP IN ME.

I could easily sell it for $997 by itself, or for $1497. It’s a program of that value MINIMUM.

But then what? Try to sell you into The Tribe as a further sale? Sure … why not, right? The Tribe is CRAZY AWESOME VALUE as it is, at $197 ongoing monthly fee. The women in there freaking LOVE it.

But again: I just don’t really WANT to do it that way. It doesn’t feel aligned for me. I RAIL AGAINST IT. It feels so MARKETY and I sure do love marketing but I love it when it FLOWS.

This is what’s flowing right now.

And here’s the other thing, just being selfish about it right now and putting aside the whole give you all my stuff thing:

I am here to get SERIOUSLY FAMOUS FOR BEING ME. I am already on my way MASSIVELY. My business and life is BLOWING THE FUCK UP right now. I’m running to KEEP up.

I’m not here to FIDDLE with the details of running an online business, to constantly keep selling new things or trying to explain to you how to make sense of which program to buy!

What my mission is really about? Well, my GOALS are the ones I’m already living which is to build a powerful personal brand and get famous for being me and that is what I’m DOING. But my mission?

My mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and EMPOWER you to do the same, and to give you the alignment and asskickery necessary to do so.

So that’s what I’m doing.

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