Ray Carbullido – The Core 4

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Ray Carbullido – The Core 4

“Ray Carbullido’s ‘The Core 4’ is a holistic training program focused on four foundational pillars of well-being: physical fitness, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. This comprehensive course provides practical exercises, mindfulness techniques, and personal development strategies designed to harmonize and strengthen each core area, helping you achieve a balanced and fulfilled life.”

The Core 4 A series of 4 Pragmas that promote health and vitality-being. These practices are anchored in the body and emphasize mobility, alignment, awareness, and movement.

The Pragmatism The Core 4 They are easy to understand and simple to use. Its simplicity makes it powerful because you can instantly apply these practices in the everyday and difficult situations of your life. The Results from The Core 4 These include flexibility, balance, relaxation, release of tension, blockage, calmness and centeredness. Each practice draws on basic human functions and capabilities that are often overlooked. Our mobility is one example. Our well-being is dependent on efficient and easy mobility.-It is a fact that most people don’t think about until they are hurt or are no longer mobile.

The Core 4 It can be used alone or in conjunction with other wells.-as a practice or as a supplement to an already existing practice. The Core 4 It also serves as the foundation for my training offerings. It can be used as a gateway into deeper explorations of other arts/practices (physical, meditation and healing) I wanted to make my training accessible and relevant so that others could reap the benefits.

The following are included in this course:

  • Instructional video that emphasizes the mechanics of each practice
  • 1 supplementary practice
  • These are key insights and principles about the importance and relevancy of each practice
  • Recommendations on integrating daily life activities
  • 90-day access to the course

Enjoy your cultivation and all you do.

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