Shift Network – Dreamwork Summit 2022


Shift Network – Dreamwork Summit 2022

Explore the realms of dreams at the Shift Network’s Dreamwork Summit 2022. Discover insights from experts on dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, and harnessing the wisdom of your dreams. Key Highlights: Deepen your understanding of dreamwork, explore spiritual insights, and connect with a community of dream enthusiasts. Enroll Now to unlock the transformative power of dreams at the Dreamwork Summit 2022!

The live summit has ended. The recordings and transcripts for all summit sessions are still available. Upgrade to gain unlimited access the resources, inspiration, powerful practices and other valuable information presented by the summit speakers. Dreamwork Summit series.

Experts, psychologists, and authors will discuss a variety of dreamwork techniques to help you decode your dreams and find the wisdom that you need for emotional healing. They will also be sharing active dreaming techniques to increase intuition and expand your psychic abilDownloadIn addition, they’ll explore the psychology behind how recurring dreams can provide guidance on how to embody freedom and joy during the day. Our experts will help you navigate the various ways to communicate with loved ones who have passed away, receive divine messages, heal emotional trauma, nurture the grieving process, and wake up in the dreamworld.

Athena Laz and Kelly Sullivan Walden, your hosts, will be there to guide you on this insp

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