Subliminal Club – Chosen: The Way of Nature: Cultivate a Powerful and Balanced Inner Emotional Life Using Nature as a Guide

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Subliminal Club – Chosen: The Way of Nature: Cultivate a Powerful and Balanced Inner Emotional Life Using Nature as a Guide

Explore “Chosen: The Way of Nature” with Subliminal Club. Cultivate a powerful and balanced inner emotional life using nature as a guide. Key Highlights: Learn natural principles for emotional balance, enhance self-awareness, and foster inner strength. Enroll Now to align with the wisdom of nature and transform your emotional well-being!


The Chosen series of subliminal audio programs are all about one thing: becoming a mentally and spiritually powerful, leader who uses love, positivity, kindness and strength to inspire those around them to grow and do better. Chosen works on your external positive leadership. Chosen From Within (currently included with Chosen) works on your inner leadership, helping you overcome all emotional obstacles preventing you from embodying pure positivity, love, hope and strength. Chosen: The Way of Nature aims to deeply connect you emotionally with the world you’re fighting to protect and enlighten, and using the lessons you learn from that profound connection to further all of your self-development goals. The person who runs all three will find themselves transforming into a beacon of strength and hope for all those around them. In times of turmoil, it will be the Chosen one who stands against the darkness, using the most powerful creative force in existence — love — to light the way.


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. —Albert Einstein

Everyone has questions about the nature of our reality and the world we live on, but sadly, most have simply resigned themselves to the notion that those questions will never be answered. Without those answers, we feel lost, tumbling through the tumultuous rapids of randomity, struggling to find a purpose and a sense of belonging in a world where we feel we have no control.

But, this is not the way of nature. There’s a reason why standing on the summit of a mountain and staring into the horizon generates such a profound sensation of freedom and connectedness between all things. While this may seem paradoxical, in that moment, it just makes sense doesn’t it?

When one actually studies the workings of nature, peering behind the veil of alleged chaos, a distinct sense of order and balance begins to emerge. Nature is unpredictable at times, yes. But disorderly? No, and science even agrees. From the daily cycles of the sun and the moon to the symbiotic, cyclic exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between humans and plants, to the fact that mathematicians and physicists can use numbers to accurately model and predict seemingly chaotic, “natural” events indicates that the backbone of nature itself is order and balance.

So, what are nature’s qualities that bring about such an elegant output, of complete and total unity between all its elements? That’s what the individual on Chosen: The Way of Nature will find out. The Way of Nature aims to generate a deep sense of curiosity, respect, admiration, gratitude, love and reverence for all of nature. Instead of feeling disconnected and separate from your environment, you will experience a sense of unity with it, learning its lessons and empowering yourself to take control of your life in the process. With The Way of Nature, just going on a short walk on a nice trail, or going outside to get a breath of fresh air in the warm sunlight will induce a deep sense of peace, inner calmness and control over the events of your life. Use these moments to work on your personal goals, as the influence of negative inner voice within us all will be minimized at this time.

From your intuitive observations on the order of nature, you will begin to automatically integrate positive lessons into your psyche, as there’s no better teacher than nature — hence the focus of nature in world mythology. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too close the ocean, or he’d get his wings wet, and not to fly too high to the sun, lest they melt. And when Icarus flew too high, he tumbled back to the Earth. The moral? Seek moderation and balance in all things. Never shoot too low, but know your limitations. The insights you’ll gain on The Way of Nature, driven by your own experiences with nature and knowledge pulled from reflecting on those experiences, will help you become a better leader, a better person and overcome all of your personal goals in a way that works with universal order rather than against it. While much of things will occur subconsciously and appearing to you as a flash of inspiration, you can consciously guide the subliminal by simply studying nature in the way that works for you. That includes everything from studying survival skills, wildlife, becoming an herbalist, delving into physics or quantum physics, looking into the history of the earth, etc. When used in this manner, be prepared for incredible manifestations that will change the way you view reality while helping you achieve your goals.

Chosen: The Way of Nature also generates a very strong energetic aura of love, positivity and hope that will touch the hearts of everyone around you, and in turn, if they choose to do so, will also generate that same aura to those who they encounter. This aura also acts as a neutralizing agent against negativity, regardless of whether it’s coming from yourself or someone else.

Like the other titles in the Chosen series, The Way of Nature will help you further optimize and balance your emotions and overall emotional life. Emotion is one of the prime movers for a human being. We act when something makes us FEEL a certain way. All emotions are healthy when expressed through the lens of balance, but as a society, however, we have begun to prioritize negative polarizations of certain emotions rather than seeking moderation. Look how divided and angry the world has become, for example. On The Way of Nature, you will experience what a balanced emotional life, guided by the principles of nature, feels like. You will become incredibly powerful once no one can manipulate you emotionally, even in the slightest. Everything becomes your own choice, and follows your own natural order of things.

The Way of Nature also contains scripting to shift your body language to one of a powerful individual, yet one that moves with elegance, grace and smoothness. The script also helps you adjust your diet toward consuming the foods containing the optimal nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to be a healthy individual in a natural, flowing way — just as nature intends.

In some ways, Chosen: The Way of Nature defies description, as it’s meant to be experienced, rather than spoken about. Since the literary greats have all struggled to describe their transcendent experiences with connecting with nature, we won’t even attempt to go that route. This isn’t a title for everyone, but for those who spend a lot of time of nature (like daily runners / bikers, or those even living in nature); those feel the call to study nature and discover its lessons and mysteries; and those who can sense that humanity is living out of balance with the universe, this title is for you. For those who feel a bit lost in life, you may find the answer you need by connecting with nature. And even, if you don’t fit those categories, you may still benefit greatly from The Way of Nature — you’ll never know what you can achieve until you explore what you DON’T know.

Transcend all boundaries and renounce the societal chains that made you.

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It is impossible to list every single benefit or objective of the subliminal due to the way our subliminals are created. They create holistic change that are deeply personal and individual to every single user, so while two individuals might see similar effects, someone else will likely have different experiences. Listing all potential avenues of growth and benefits is simply impossible – but through experience with the subliminal and introspection you can grasp the overall growth direction of the subliminal. Always remember that you are a unique individual with your very own journey, history and life, and our subliminals take that as well as your conscious guidance into account and work with you and who you truly are. In other words, even if an objective/feature/benefit that you want is not listed on the page, it does not mean you won’t experience it as long as the topic of the subliminal is connected to the desired effect.

Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a specific objective / feature / benefit on the page (or unstated) yet, it does not mean you won’t — it simply means other things are taking precedence and have a much higher priority as dictated by the intricate interplay between your conscious guidance, your situation, your subconscious mind and the subliminal. Finally, there are countless more benefits and features to discover with each subliminal – each subliminal is so much more than a simple list. It is an invaluable companion on your journey that grows with you – indeed, our subliminals can be used indefinitely and throughout your whole life, they will always help you develop in new ways you never expected. Have patience, listen wisely, always be taking action in line with the subliminal and don’t let the list limit you, the subliminal or the experiences you will go through.

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