Superlearner Academy – The Speed Demon Master Class

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Superlearner Academy – The Speed Demon Master Class

Superlearner Academy – The Speed Demon Master Class

It’s a common myth that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

1. That’s not true (more on that in a bit)

2. If everyone had the same 24 hours, what do successful people do so differently?

Here’s a hint:

It has nothing to do with “time management”…

… and it has surprisingly little to do with productivity hacks.

Rather, the world’s most effective people have mastered something that very few people talk about.

It’s called “attention management.”

And if you’re the kind of person who could use an extra 1-3 hours in your day, you’re going to want to check this out.


Hi, I’m Jonathan Levi, TEDx Speaker, award-winning podcast host, and the founder of SuperLearner Academy.

Back in 2007, I was living the “dream life.”

I was attending my dream school, running a successful business on the side, actively participating in campus organizations, and dating a lovely girl.

And for awhile it was great.

Even though I was a full time student and business owner, it all felt manageable.

But over a few months of taking on more responsibilities, I reached a point where I felt like I was drowning.

What started off as manageable soon became an avalanche of work that wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Levi, TEDx Speaker, award-winning podcast host, and the founder of SuperLearner Academy.


So I did what I thought was the best at the time:

I worked more.

I thought that if I stopped spending time with my friends and locked myself away to work, I could eventually crawl my way out.

Before I knew it, endless work became my life and it took a heavy toll.

Within a few months of this “endless work vortex,” my girlfriend broke up with me, my stress levels shot through the roof, my friends seemed to forget who I was, and my business started declining.

And That Wasn’t Even The Worst Part:

The worst part was that I had NO idea how I could even begin to turn things around.

I didn’t have time to figure out how to make more time…

… yet all I wanted was something simple:

I wanted my life back.

But because time was slipping through my fingers, I didn’t have enough time to sleep, nonetheless do the activities I wanted to!

Desperate for an answer, my head started spinning with an endless list of questions.


  • How can I get myself to sit down and focus on important things for once instead of doing things that just seem productive?
  • What can I do to spend less time on unimportant things like chores and cooking so I can do things that move me forward?
  • How can I continue to push through when I’m surrounded by lazy people who slow me down?
  • Even if I did have time to research productivity, how can I put to work all the information I learned?
  • After a long day of work, I just want to relax for a change… how can I get the motivation and energy to get myself back on track?

Though it all seemed impossible, I knew that continuing down the path I was on wasn’t sustainable.

I had no choice:

I had to figure it out.


What Do The World’s Most Effective People Know About Productivity That Most people Don’t?

When I first got serious about gaining control of my time, I started implementing every productivity strategy I could get my hands on.

From the 80/20 rule to outsourcing, I did it all.

Excited for things to turn around, I prayed that these “productivity theories” would save me, once and for all.

And guess what happened?

That’s right:


What Do The World’s Most Effective People Know About Productivity That Most people Don’t?



Of “Productivity Hacks” Don’t Work If They Require Willpower To Implement

No matter how good the productivity strategy, it WON’T work unless your environment handles the “theory” FOR you, so you are FORCED to be productive.

As soon as I realized this, my focus shifted.

I stopped looking for the next “hack” and instead focused on using automation to help me focus on important tasks and ELIMINATE many tasks all together

I stopped “putting out fires” all day and instead optimized my work environment to waste less time and get MORE done

I stopped letting myself procrastinate by designing systems that gave me NO OPTION but to work on high level activities


In other words, I cut out 99% of the random “hacks” and tactics and instead honed in on the one thing that mattered:

Attention Management.

Once I learned how to use automation to take care of the small stuff that “got in the way,” I was finally free to focus my attention on the KEY activities that actually mattered.

I no longer felt like I was fighting a losing battle.

I no longer had to force myself to apply important productivity theory, because my systems made it so that I had no other option.

And, over time, I found myself here:

It was 2015 — 8 years after I hit rock bottom with no time to breathe.

I decided to take a week off from my business to attend MidBurn, and my life ran by itself.

My bills automatically paid for themselves, my business ran on it’s own, and I didn’t have to answer any emails.

But that wasn’t even what I found to be the most freeing:

Because my productivity systems were at work, I no longer felt guilty while I was out doing fun things.

I could be completely present, without worrying about a mountain of work waiting for me once I got back home.

I knew that when I returned home, I’d be recharged and ready to tackle my highest priority tasks.

And, for the first time, I finally felt back in control.


Taking It To The Next Level

Without sugar coating it:

Attention management changed my life.

Because of that, I became obsessed with upgrading my attention management skills.

I wanted to know more.

What were other top thought leaders doing to increase their productivity?

What did they know that others don’t?

I was dying to know.

So, I did what I do best:

I started asking around.

And, before I knew it 5 years flew by and what started as “asking around” turned into the Becoming SuperHuman podcast with over 3 million downloads and interviews from over 200 of the world’s top performers.

I interviewed TOP productivity experts like Chris Bailey, David Allen, Ari Meisel, Noah Kagan, and Steven Kotler.


And After All Those Interviews, Here’s What I Realized:

The world’s most productive people DON’T have 24 hours in a day.

Their productivity systems are so robust that their 24 hours are more like 27+.

While they may still have the same “clock time” as everyone else, their attention management systems take care of 99% of the tasks that drain most people’s days.

So, over the course of those 200+ interviews, I pulled out their never discussed strategies and tactics that helped them to accomplish SuperHuman workloads.

And, I did what any good SuperLearner would:

I took action.


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