The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation Revealed

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The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation Revealed

The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation Revealed

The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation Revealed!
How to channel your sex energy to become irresistible, gain an abundance of energy, and effortlessly attract your goals and dreams.
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What is this all about?

You are about to uncover an immense potential for genius, attraction, and power hidden in your sexual energy!


If you haven’t guessed, we’re going to touch on a few adult themes. We can’t speak about the transmuting sexual energy into personal magnetism, creativity, and power without mentioning sex explicitly at times. If you’re easily offended by talk of orgasms, genitals, and sexual desires, then please do not read further.


Dear Bundle of Potential Energy

You are about to step into a realm of possibility where the life you want is within reach. You are going to discover an immense source of power that has been right under your nose this whole time. You probably have touched upon this power source by chance at other times in your life, but I’m sure you haven’t come across it in this way before. What you’re about to learn will change the way you experience reality.

If you’re here then I know you are looking for something. Maybe you are frustrated with your work life, or your sex life, or love life. Maybe you’re bored with what you currently experience day to day. Maybe you feel a call to adventure, sense that life can be a lot better. And maybe you just want to feel really good all the time.

I know this because I’ve lived it. Everything mentioned above once applied to me. And I have a great deal of respect for what you’re feeling right now, because it’s a sign of great things to come.

My name is Ruwan. I am certified coach and meditation instructor. I have been featured in various media as a mindful sexuality expert. I’ve helped hundreds of men and women around the world to live more powerful lives. I’ve been immersed in this work as professional for many years and know the difference between effective change and random theory.

I joined forces with my friend Isaac Navias create Transmutation Club so that we can help accelerate your growth and save you years of study and introspection. Along with a faculty of amazing instructors that we’ve brought on to teach this subject, we have combined a massive amount of experience and now are excited to share it with you.

You can achieve the life of your dreams with what you’re about to learn. I know this because I’ve experienced the pits and I know that anyone can tap into this power.

How Many Of These Situation Apply to You?

  • You feel overwhelmed by day to day minutiae and seem to do a lot but have little to show for it.
  • Your mood seems to change like the weather and you don’t know how to make it stable.
  • Your sex life is mediocre or worse. You sense that there’s better sex available, but you’re not sure how to experience it.
  • You’ve tried the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals but the results are vague or inconsistent.
  • You have a great idea to create something, but you lose motivation before you materialize your vision.
  • You are surrounded by unpleasant events and unpleasant people and you’re not sure how to leave.
  • You don’t get noticed by those whose attention you desire.
  • People assume you are cold or unfriendly when all you really want is to connect.
  • You are intimidated by vibrant or high-energy people.
  • You suffer from anxiety.
  • You have trouble “letting go”.
  • You are a creative person, but often get blocked when you need to be creative.
  • Your relationships aren’t what you want them to be.
  • You don’t feel like you are 100% honest with yourself.

Do you ever feel like the world doesn’t care about what you want, or even need?

In some respects that’s true.

If we look at Nature from a purely scientific perspective we can all agree the Nature does “want” two things for us (living things):

  1. To live.
  2. To create more life.

In order to do that latter, we each have access to sex energy.

Sex energy is the most primordial of all energies. It is the set of feelings (lust, arousal, pleasure) that motivate each of us to pursue the creation of more life.

And “to create more life” doesn’t just mean making offspring.

To live and create more life also means being, doing, and having everything that makes you feel alive.

Sex energy is the raw material for creating anything that allows us to live more. Wealth, relationships, art, and good humor all comes from sex energy.

It’s not that the Universe doesn’t “want” you to have the amazing lover, awesome home, inspiring friends, passionate projects, or anything else on your list of desires. If your life isn’t what you want it to be, it’s because sex energy isn’t flowing through you in an optimal way.

But through simples lessons you can learn to charge up your sexual energy and transmute it to create the life of your dreams. It’s as simple as watering a plant and letting it grow.

When you are able to transmute sex energy…

  • You will become irresistible to others. People will want to know, pay attention to you, and be around you.
  • You have incredible energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Your intentions seems to materialize effortlessly.
  • You can access infinite creativity and even access your genius.
  • You find the perfect words to express yourself.
  • You are able to focus and acheive on your goals with clarity.
  • You are fully present and your mind is peaceful.
  • You are able to feel immense pleasure in your body and can have incredibly sensational sex.
  • You can make the right decision quickly because you can feel it.
  • You feel good. Really really good.

Sexual Energy Creates Life

If you know how to gather it, direct it, and transmute it, it can create your dream life.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces. And not everyone know how to control it. That’s why for most of human history, “civilized” society has tried to clamp it down. If everyday people had access to the creative power of sexual energy, it would be hard for society to force people to become a cog in a wheel. We have 5000 years of cultural programming that disconnects us from our internal power.

Thankfully it does not take 5000 years to reconnect with it.

To transmute energy into power we need to do three things:

  1. Cultivate raw sexual energy in our bodies.
  2. Stabilize that energy.
  3. Allow the energy to flow into higher forms.

You can learn exactly how in this home study course:

Transmutation Club: Learn to channel sex energy to become irresistible, gain and abundance of energy, and effortlessly create the life of your dreams.

Module 1: Energy Fundamentals w/Ruwan Meepagala

  • How to intuit from your body
  • Grounding techniques
  • Energetic penetration

Module 2: Living Orgasmically w/Karen Lorre

  • How to cut through stories to see who you really are
  • The science and practices to enhance the pleasure in your body
  • How to increase your sensitivity to orgasmic sensations
  • How to allow sexual energy to fuel confidence and charisma

Module 3: Sex, Focus, Meditation w/Lawrence Lanoff

  • How to tune your attention to optimize your mind
  • Tantric practices for moving energy
  • How to develop a practice of universal awareness

Module 4: Fascination and Existential Kink w/Carolyn Elliott, PhD.

  • How to captivate without relying on fashion or beauty
  • The relation of glamour, imagination, and sex energy
  • How to turn up your internal heat to to dazzle and attract

Module 5: Your Dark Eros w/Om Rupani

  • Convert pain into pleasure and power
  • Integrate the “dark” archetypes and stop self-sabotaging narratives
  • Turn any sensation into ecstasy
  • Learn the art of sex magic rituals

Module 6: Cindee Rifkin

  • How to use your breath to unlock energy
  • How to ground and balance your sexual power
  • Mind-body exercises to open the lower energy centers and musculature
  • How to connect with spirit through the body

Module 7: Effortless w/ Isaac Navias and Ruwan Meepagala

  • Build pleasure triggers into life so will-power becomes unneccessary
  • Techniques to prevent fatigue, help sleep, and augment your enthusiasm for whatever you’re doing.
  • How to prevent crashes and make growth sustainable
  • How to inject love into your relationships.

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