Tom Myers – Spiraling into Alignment

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Tom Myers - Spiraling into AlignmentTom Myers – Spiraling into Alignment

2.5 CEs NCBTMB; 2.5 CEs IASI Cat. 1; 2.5 CECs NPCP (PMA); 0.3 CEUs NASM

This video course from Anatomy Trains and Tom Myers explores developmental movement with illustrated lecture and guided movement sequences.

Based on Tom’s studies with Moshe Feldenkrais and 40+ years of experience with various movement modalities, anatomy, and manual therapy, this 2.5 hour program will guide you (and help you guide your clients) through assessment, sequencing options, effective cueing, technique demonstrations, and effective biomechanics, all with the intention of bringing greater ease and alignment to the body through movement. Includes modifications and special cases, such as pregnancy.

Hour One:

  • Developmental Movement: sensing + doing = meaning
  • Spiraling into Alignment regressed, guided movement sequence starting from standing
  • Spiraling into Alignment review, guided movement sequence starting from lying down
  • Options for Spiraling into Alignment
  • Exercise: Following the eyes

Hour Two:

  • Modifications for spiraling into alignment sequences
  • Assessments: Trust exercise with client, both standing
  • Technique demonstration: extension, rotation, translation
  • Sequencing options with clients
  • Top down movement
  • What to look for in assessments

Hour Three:

  • Effective cueing for moving bodies – demonstration
  • Effective cueing from the floor, or from a seat
  • Effective cueing with client, demonstrating push vs. pull
  • Biomechanics: hinge, rotate, hinge, rotate
  • Effective biomechanics from sitting – demonstration of special cases: pregnant client moving from sitting to standing
  • Effective biomechanics moving clients from a massage table or bed
  • Review and Summary

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Tom Myers - Spiraling into Alignment

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