Udemy – Laura Piquero – Narcissistic Abuse: Shadow Work, Healing and Rebirth

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Udemy – Laura Piquero – Narcissistic Abuse: Shadow Work, Healing and Rebirth

The Udemy course “Narcissistic Abuse: Shadow Work, Healing, and Rebirth” by Laura Piquero focuses on understanding and recovering from narcissistic abuse through the practice of shadow work. This program guides participants through the process of identifying and addressing the psychological effects of narcissistic relationships, healing emotional wounds, and reclaiming personal power. The course combines therapeutic techniques, self-reflection exercises, and practical strategies to support individuals in rebuilding self-esteem, setting boundaries, and fostering inner growth after experiencing narcissistic abuse. It aims to empower participants with tools for healing and achieving emotional resilience in their journey towards recovery.

Understanding the Dynamics of Abuse (Cycles, Triggers and Projections)
Get in-depth Education: Why it Happened (Self).-Reflection Exercises for Connecting the Dots
Narcissist vs. Empath
Discover new insights about your childhood (Toxic parenting, Coping, and Unmet Needs).
Learn how Trauma manifests in your life (Polarity Consciousness).
Healthy Life Skills: How to Have Healthy Relationships
Begin a personal transformation (Breaking the Shackles) Abuse)

You are invited to this life-changing journey! First of all, I see that you are here! Your bravery in enduring a broken heart and trying to rebuild it is something I admire. It’s not hard for me to understand because it was my experience! You are convinced you can’t trust anyone and look for cues to potential threats. Word salads, black-and-white thinking, love bombing signs and potential devaluation signs, control and coercion signs and giveaways of manipulative behaviour are all examples. If you are serious about your healing, you will have taken the time to write down everything you know about the subject. “narcissists”Weep while you research whenever you find resonance with your own story. You’ll probably be able to identify narcissists within your daily life by now. You may find that you will never be able to love again because of this horrible isolation.

The good news is that there’s good news! They won’t change but you will. The whole cycle of persecutor victim savior will be changed. This will make it different because you will no longer be afraid of narcissists, and will become an empowered FULL Warrior, who can recognize and release triggers whenever necessary. We can see that once we move beyond the realms labelling “angels and demons” Once we claim our shadow sides, we can stop projecting persecution on the outside. This course is not for the weak-hearted. It is hard work in transforming from victim to survivor. This course provides emotional validation as well radical ownership, which allows for a complete transformation. If you are experiencing PTSD, high emotional distress, or living with an abusive partner, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline # 1.-800-799-7233, 24/7. Protection, care, and nurture are the most important things you have right now. If you’re ready to learn more about what happened, you can return to this course.

I went above and beyond my limits to achieve the ultimate goal of healing. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse and holistic practitioner, I wanted to reach the core. Now I want to share all the wisdom that I have gleaned from the darkened streets and pits of the abuse system. These will allow you to return to WARRIOR status with the guidance of the SAGE. This 360-degree approach addresses the abuse wound. It targets both the conscious mind and the unconscious to process severe trauma resulting from abusive dynamics. You will find 18 informative, relatable, and entertaining video lectures about abuse, trauma and self-harm.-It can help you return to your true self and wholeness. NOTE: This lecture is not a grade and you don’t have to turn it in. Please take the time to get a notebook and a laptop to complete the homework at the end of each lecture. It will help you apply the knowledge and make new connections with who you are.

Enjoy this carefully curated collection of lessons from 15+ years of exploration and undergoing Narcissistic Abuse. This course will teach how to break the chain of abuse. It was a long road I traveled to heal, because I wanted to fully understand the how and why.

My goal is to help people become more aware and conscious, and to reconnect with their intuition to make the best decisions at all times. Although this course will activate triggers, we must feel it in order to heal it. You will not fear narcissists, but I will help you to stop fearing them.-Detail information about their weaknesses. Fear is a powerful construct. It can make it easy to project the fear we fear from the outside. This course is about confronting fear and experiencing emotional coherence. We will one day look back and laugh at how real our human experience was, even though it was simply an expression of our creativity. Be cautious, be patient, and push through the difficult parts. If they don’t make sense at the moment because of your pain, they will in the future. You’ll be glad that you have a template to help you get there. You will also learn how to find your courage. Sometimes, it takes courage to be happy.

It is possible to go at your own pace and earn your Warriorhood Certificate.

We love you and will see each other!

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