William Bronchick – Investing In Small Apartments Advanced eCourse

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William Bronchick - Investing In Small Apartments Advanced eCourse

William Bronchick – Investing In Small Apartments Advanced eCourse

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Dear Money Seeker,

I won’t mince words with you. If you are tired of beating your head against your computer screen trying to figure out this “make money” stuff, reading this letter for 5 minutes is going to rock your world. Especially if you’re new to investing.

Why is that?

Because I am going to share the very same information that took me years to learn..and that propelled me into a life of riches.

This information will energize you and motivate you to follow in my footsteps, because this information has sure worked for me.

And not just me. Other rookies have amassed small fortunes too.

I’m talking about 4- and 5-figure checks every month, starting from next to nothing. It’s all a matter of knowing how.

And don’t worry if you’re just a novice. I’m going to show you everything you need to know to start raking in the cash you need. My program is designed to get novices up and running in a matter of weeks.

When you learn and use my proven blueprint, you can do it over and over.  Each time you repeat the process, it gets easier. And the money comes faster. I guarantee it.

Why invest in apartments? …

Simple. These are desperate economic times. The unemployment rate is at least double what the government is trying to sell you.  People all around the country are losing their homes at an alarming rate.

The demand for apartments has skyrocketed. The millions of families who have lost their homes have to live somewhere. Those unable to move in with relatives are forced to live in multifamily units.

What about you? You don’t just need to think ten years ahead when you might be on a better footing financially. You need to do something now. You need something that can help you weather the storm now as well as in the future. In short, what you need is a cash cow. The fastest way to accomplish that is to invest in apartments. I promise.

The amazing thing is…

One killer cash flow deal can set you up for life! 

Hard to believe, but true. One deal can literally set you up for life. You can have monthly cash flow in the four and five figure range. I will show you how. My new course, Apartment Investing Fundamentals, will show you step by step how to have all the money you’ll ever need.

Learn How to Buy Apartments with

Little or No Cash and Generate Cash Flow

(now available in streaming online version – see details below)

An 81-page manual chock full of CURRENT information.  My apartment investing course manual has everything you need to know to get started. It’s a step-by-step blueprint that leads you on your way to real estate wealth. No filler pages. No wasted information. Simply a walk-you-through-the-baby-steps program on your way to riches. So simple, a high school student can do it.

Accompanying the manual, four jam-packed audio CD’s so you can study the course materials while driving.

Start with small and medium-sized projects and work your way up to larger projects.

If I don’t have any money, how the hell do I invest in multifamily projects?

… Yes, you will need money to invest in apartments. Anybody who tells you you don’t is a liar. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be YOUR money. I will show you how to use other people’s money (OPM) to put gobs of cash in your pocket.

One surprising technique is to use seller financing to get you started on your first deal. Believe it or not, in some cases your seller will accept 100% financing on his property.

Why would a seller agree to finance the sale of his own property? Numerous reasons, like deferring a large tax bill, or retiring from the real estate game, to name a couple.

What if My Credit is in Weak? 

Surprisingly, with apartment investing, your credit is not as relevant as with single family houses. What IS relevant to would-be lenders is the cash flow from the building. As long as the numbers work and the building covers all of your expenses, you are golden. To lenders the building is the collateral.

And get this. Because the building acts as the collateral, raising any needed funds is easier with multifamily projects than it is with single family houses. The numbers tell investors everything they need to know.

The point I’m making is that it’s entirely possible to…

Buy a multifamily property with no money down…

That is, buy with virtually no money out of your pocket.

But what about all the expenses involved with operating an apartment building? Not a problem. The beautiful thing is, you can go only into those deals where your tenants pay all of your expenses while paying off the mortgage at the same time.

Besides, in many cases, you will only get the financing you need if your tenants will cover ALL of your expenses, including the mortgage. With the right deal, all of that is covered…PLUS…you can be receiving a substantial passive income.

Another thing. All around not just the country, but the world, are groups of investors ready and willing to fund profitable multifamily deals. Your job is to find the deals. Once you do, they are ready to jump in with the needed cash to fund those deals.

Isn’t managing an apartment complex a colossal headache? 

It would be if you were managing it. But you won’t be. You simply turn that task over to a professional management company. Let THEM worry about clogged toilets and the other headaches involved with landlording. I show you  how to choose the right management company… and the reports you absolutely must have from them so you don’t get ripped off.

I show you how to let the property pay the management company, not you to run the property.

Insider secret: You can make out like a bandit on properties that have a positive cashflow, but that don’t have 100% occupancy. When you take over and increase the occupancy, you increase the value of your project. More importantly though, you increase the monthly cash flow that goes into your pocket.

Another insider secret: Don’t make the mistake of going into a project that depends on massive property appreciation in order for you to make a profit. Any project you invest in must already have a healthy positive cash flow. From there, you can do any number of things (I elaborate in the course what those things are) to increase the amount of money the property generates each month.

Isn’t analyzing these deals complicated? 

Actually, no. With the tools I provide, you’ll be able to tell in less than 7 minutes whether a deal is go or no-go. My software analyzer will provide all the information you need to make your decision.

Yes, there are key numbers you need to learn. But don’t let that intimidate you out of a fortune. I explain the numbers so that even a high school student could understand them.

How do I know where to invest?

Not to worry. I will show you all you need to know.   The beauty is, these places may be where you can pick up some bargains. I also tell you certain cities to avoid.

Another Insider secret: You want to avoid markets where real estate values are plummeting. Even in today’s economic environment, there are areas in the country where values are increasing, or at least holding steady.

Do I have to invest locally? 

Absolutely not. Of course, when you are getting your feet wet, you may want to invest locally. But that assumes you live in a city that is currently favorable to the apartment investor. If not, going out of town(so to speak) will be the way to go. If you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can do deals out of town.

Another thing. When you find the right type of seller, it’s almost like taking candy from a baby. Take the investor who has been managing his own property and is moving out of town because of a job change. He will be most receptive to almost any flexible offer you might make.

One and done

If you’re lazy like me, you may want to do one deal, quit your regular job, live off the proceeds from your apartment building, and never do anything else. Apartment investing makes that possible.

What I’m saying is, you can follow my system step by step, secure your first property, then never have to work on another project if you do it right.

There is a problem with this, however. Once you see how much money you have made on that one deal, your greed glands may kick in. And that’s OK. The point is, you CAN stop after that one deal and never have to do anything else.

In other words, do one and you’re done.  Or you can try and buy 40 houses and see how long that takes!

Here are just a few of the topics I cover in my investing in small apartments …

    • How an easy $10 rent raise can raise the value of your property by one million dollars
    • How to easily find motivated sellers
    • Find super deals anywhere in the country via this “insider” website
    • Use this simple checklist to do your due diligence on any deal you encounter
    • How to do no money down deals
    • How one deal can set you up for life
    • Let your tenants pay the management company, not you
    • A secret way to tie up a deal, then make out like a bandit
    • Analyze a deal in 7 minutes
    • Magic questions to ask during negotiations that can put thousands of dollars in your pocket
    • What properties to avoid like the plague
    • A clever way to make money without even owning a property
    • The 3 numbers you must know when analyzing a property
    • The ideal apartment class that will generate the most money
    • How to use other people’s money (OPM) to put cash in your pocket
    • How to get free help from local experts
    • Critical contract clauses that can put thousands in your pocket
    • The contract terms that enable you to dramatically cut down your monthly expenses
    • How to get the seller to provide a needed down payment
    •  How to never, ever pay taxes on your real estate, even when you sell

and much much more…

No cash…No credit…No previous experience …No problem .

Know what? You can do this. I’ve simplified things so even a novice can do this. You can experience financial freedom. You can take steps to start enjoying the things you’ve always wanted to do but somehow couldn’t. You can have the toys you want. You can have the time to spend with loved ones. My course makes all of this possible.

So..how much does Apartment Investing Fundamentals cost? .

Before I give you the details, let me tell you about the bonuses I’d like to send you as part of my offer.

Includes the following forms:

    • Apartment Commercial Purchase Contract
    • Option to Purchase Apartment Building
    • Letter of Intent to Purchase
    • Lease Application
    • Lease Guaranty
    • Rental Policy and Procedures
    • Denial of Credit Form
    • Lease Guaranty
    • Deposit Receipt
    • Notice of Non Payment
    • Security Deposit Agreement
    • Sample Apartment Pro Forma
    • Sample Commercial Appraisal Form
    • Move-In Condition Checklist
    • “Quick and Dirty” Apartment Analysis Excel Spreadsheet
    • “Cash for Keys” Agreement

I could justifiably charge you thousands of dollars for my course, and it would be well worth it. But I won’t. Instead, I want to get as many people on board in the early stages as possible. I know the people who would benefit from my program most are those who are already strapped for cash. I was there once. I know what it feels like to use your credit card again when you don’t know how you’ll pay the bill at the end of the month

Even at $997, I would still end up shutting out the majority of people who need this information the most. I know it seems crazy, but it’s pointless charging you more than you can


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