A. H. Almaas – Endless Enlightenment

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A. H. Almaas – Endless Enlightenment

Embark on a journey of profound spiritual growth with A. H. Almaas in “Endless Enlightenment.” Explore deep insights into the nature of enlightenment, self-realization, and the continuous path of spiritual awakening. Key Highlights: Gain transformative knowledge, experience personal growth, and deepen your spiritual understanding. Enroll Now to begin your path to endless enlightenment with A. H. Almaas!

In the early 1990s, A.H. Almaas had a realization he was not expecting―even after years of deep inner awakenings. “I thought it was a personal experience, not a teaching,” he reflects. Now, after two decades of further investigation, A.H. Almaas has concluded that the time is right to share “the view of totality”―what he considers one of the most advanced aspects of his teaching.

A Bold New Vision of Enlightenment

We often think of enlightenment as the ultimate destination on the spiritual journey―a final endpoint for delusion and suffering where it all makes perfect sense. But as A.H. Almaas teaches, “the moment we see that the journey has no end, everything changes.”

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