Crisis Prevention : Early Recognition & Management of Patient Emergencies

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Crisis Prevention : Early Recognition & Management of Patient Emergencies

Crisis Prevention : Early Recognition & Management of Patient Emergencies

For Crisis Prevention : Early Recognition & Management of Patient Emergencies

The difference between nursing and effective nursing, is the ability to see what is coming… but with so many diagnoses having overlapping or mimicking symptoms, it can be easy to miss the subtle clues your patient is giving you that can help differentiate conditions.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, the experts in this course will share effective and time-tested strategies you can implement immediately to rapidly detect clinical changes in your deteriorating patient.

You will have a clearer understanding of the body’s complex, interrelated organ systems so you can break them into component parts and fully understand how one organ system can cause a sign or symptom in another. Plus, you’ll gain the BEST interventions for Cardiac, Neurological, Endocrine, and Respiratory emergencies!

times, causing a muscle memory pattern to emerge for skill enhancement and skill improvement acceleration.
Dr. Phillips has used this to same process to assist athletes, martial artists, and performers accelerate their
master of such diverse skills as ballroom dance, exotic dance, poledancing, tennis, golf, judo, taekwondo,
jujitsu, competitive swimming, sensual skills, piano performance, and much much more.
The same process can also be used for recreational purposes . . . such as a viewer feeling as if they are
immersed within a lm or video game or roleplaying game in order to enhance the experience.

This program is an introductory abbreviated variation of our lengthier Educational Hypnosis and Creative
Performance Enhancement Hypnosis seminars in which Dr. Brian David Phillips teaches participants a number
of processes for directly accessing the power of the unconscious mind to accelerate physical skill improvement.
A number of techniques are demonstrated. Join us as Dr. Phillips guides participants through a series of
processes, and more.
Dr. Phillips introduces concepts and provides demonstrations of the vicarious machine, a form of deep trance
identication, and other techniques for physical skill enhancement via trancework.
Appropriate for Beginners & eXperts!
During the VICARIOUS EXPERIENTIAL MACHINE workshop, Dr. Phillips discusses the material and performs
individual demonstrations. Participants may be experienced or newcomers.
Previous knowledge of Experiential Hypnosis or Focused Trance or experiential trance or hypnosis is not
required as Dr. Phillips provides folks with a number of short sweet eective hypnosis inductions they can work
with during the training.

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