Dr Joseph Riggio – Using Hypnotic Protocols For Change & Transformation

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 Joseph Riggio - Using Hypnotic Protocols For Change & Transformation

Joseph Riggio – Using Hypnotic Protocols For Change & Transformation

Discover The Magic Of Hypnotic Language And Protocols For Creating Change And Transformation … Both For Yourself And With Others”
Dr. Riggio will provide you with real-time examples using conversational forms of hypnotic language and protocols to deliver large portions of the webcast … then he will break-down the patterns of communication he uses, including giving you the specific information and instructions you need to create and use hypnotic language and protocols in communication yourself.
Hypnosis can be one of the most exciting AND the most frustrating ideas in regard to getting past all the noise around it, get clarity about it and get a handle what’s possible using it of all the paths of change and transformation out there.
So this webcast is designed to bypass all that noise and focus on the distinctions of hypnotic patterns as they show up in language and the protocols surrounding the use of hypnotic language.
LET’S START HERE: This is NOT a seminar on defining or explaining hypnosis!
In this webinar Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., the creator of the MythoSelf Process, Master NLP Trainer, Master Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist will guide you through the maze of how to recognize and use hypnotic language and protocols so you can begin applying what he’ll be sharing with you in two “power-packed” hours immediately.
Joseph will begin by offering you the structure of hypnotic language in ways you’ve never heard it presented before, because he’ll be sharing the unique conversational hypnotic protocols he’s been developing and refining for more than two decades.
There is one downside to this webinar: Joseph tried to record the video but only managed to record a black screen plus the audio. I asked him about it and he assured me that the value in this webinar is in the strategies he told and that just watching his face was not essential in understanding his concepts. So I extracted the audio and made an MP3. Nevertheless, the content is overwhelmingly rich and valuable for a simple webinar.
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