Eric Thayne – Cinema Mastery

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Eric Thayne – Cinema Mastery

Eric Thayne – Cinema Mastery120

An online course for the modern filmmaker
It’s 2019. A new kind of filmmaker is emerging. The landscape is changing by the minute. With an ever-decreasing barrier to entry, the industry is now beginning to favor independent production companies, small crews, and freelance filmmakers. We’re on a mission to help filmmakers navigate this new industry, using new technology to create amazing cinematic videos and run a highly-profitable filmmaking business.
Create cinematic videos

Learn the tools and techniques for creating beautiful, cinematic videos for your clients

Charge top dollar

Charge thousands of dollars for your work and build a 5- or 6-figure production company

Master your craft

Get mentorship and feedback from professional working commercial filmmakers

“Cinema Mastery has changed my thought process on a whole new level. Eric’s availability is amazing and the community is filled with humble and talented people.”
What’s inside?
Cinema Mastery is jam-packed with over 15 hours of main content, giving you everything you need to learn professional cinematography techniques and build a six-figure business. Plus, we are constantly adding to and updating the content so you always know the tools and strategies being used today, not last year.
Let’s Talk About Cameras
Frame Rates For Cinematic Motion
Controlling Motion Blur With Shutter Angle
Using ISO For Exposure & Dynamic Range
Aperture, Exposure, and Depth Of Field
White Balance – Daylight Vs. Tungsten
Shooting In LOG Or Flat Picture Styles
Imitating Anamorphic Aspect Ratios
Plus more features you get with membership
CMers Community

Join our exclusive community for Cinema Masters where you will learn new techniques, get questions answered, and get feedback on your work.

Live Masterclasses

Get on a live masterclass with a professional filmmaker every month to talk about new tactics and trends, and ask any questions you have.

Behind The Scenes

Come see what it’s like on our shoots with our series of Behind The Scenes videos, so you feel confident knowing what to do when you get on set.

Tons Of Resources

Everything you need to run your business! Included in the course are camera and gear recommendations, business books, downloadable contract/call sheet templates, and more.

Members Database

Get access to contact information for other members in your area for networking, meet ups, and collaboration with local filmmakers.

…and more!

Get tons of example videos, mentorship, and networking opportunities!

“When I started Cinema Mastery, I saw results in my work and business mentality within days. This course is worth it. No doubt.”
Learn from the masters
As a member of Cinema Mastery, you get exclusive access to masterclasses with a professional filmmaker every month. Plus you’ll know when the masterclasses are happening so you can chime in and get your questions answered live. Below are some of our past masterclass presenters. Many more coming soon!
Denver Riddle
Chris Newman
Matt Davis & Ryan Koral
Jared Fadel
Pierce Tews
Caleb Rexius
“I was doing fine where I was without Cinema Mastery, but this was still a no brainer. I wanted to get to a place where I am working with bigger budget clients and it is working!”
How much?
Even if you’re just a beginner at filmmaking, you’ve probably invested hundreds—if not thousands—into cameras, lights, and other gear. Those tools are certainly important, but learning how to use them is what will eventually make you a master. We’ve made Cinema Mastery as accessible as possible for those looking to master their craft. It’s only a fraction of the cost of film school, and much more valuable.

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