Eric Thompson – Pure White Light UPGRADED

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Eric Thompson – Pure White Light UPGRADED


Pure White Light

Instantly Transform Your Electronic Devices into High-Tech Emitters of White Light Energy.

Energetically encoded digital media for purifying and elevating any environment.

Energetically Encoded Audios and Images with Uplifting, Purifying and Blissful Energy

Pure White Light is an energetically encoded Subtle Energy Audio program that is designed to fill any environment with the deeply cleansing energy of pure white light.

This white light healing meditation app contains very powerful subtle energetic frequencies specifically arranged to uplift, strengthen and elevate the human energy field.

Pure White Light features a beautiful Tibetan Bowl soundtrack and does NOT contain any guided meditation. Instead, it contains only the frequency of pure white light.

Instantly Get Healing Energy for Spiritual Cleansing, Protection and Elevation

By using advanced energetic encoding technology, Pure White Light resonantly broadcasts the energy of pure white light healing into your immediate environment.

All that is required for this white light healing meditation app is to play one of the audios (or, alternately, open the Pure White Light quantum energy app) on your computer or smart phone (or tablet), and remain within their broadcast field while you go about your day.

And as Pure White Light continuously broadcasts its white light healing energy into your biofield, your energetic system in turn eventually enters into sympathetic resonance with it, which in turn strengthens, uplifts and purifies your energy field.

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Here’s what Pure White Light meditation does for you:


  • Neutralizes negative EMF.
  • Neutralizes negative ELF.
  • Neutralizes geopathic zones.
  • Supports a peaceful life.
  • Creates a pristine energetic space.
  • Cleanses spiritual blocks when used with intention.
  • Supports creativity when used with intention.
  • Spiritual protection when used with intention.
  • Protects from the negative conflict energy of other people.
  • Is deeply supportive of human biology.
  • Can be used by healers to supercharge any distant healing work they may do.
  • This is the same white light spiritual energy that produces “vortex sites” such as those found in Sedona, Arizona.
  • Will respond to your intention for: cleansing and purifying any area in your life that needs work; fulfilling your highest wishes and potential; healing self and others.

Pure White Light is…

  • Healing
  • Purifying
  • Cleansing
  • Uplifting
  • Elevating
  • Blissful

DISCLAIMER: These results may not occur for everyone. These products are powered by subtle energy, and some individuals may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and to this product as well) than others. In fact, roughly 20% of individuals who try this kind of technology initially experience little to no effect, unless they amplify the energy of the products substantially. Even then, a smaller percentage of people will still fail to notice a huge effect. Again, this appears to be due to the fact that sensitivity to subtle energy varies among individuals. Many people respond very strongly to this technology, and some do not. That said, this technology and its results are fully amplifiable using easy-to-follow instructions provided on the product download page and on our official Instructions page ( And this amplification capacity means that, if you don’t experience your desired results in the beginning, you can easily amplify the energy of this product until you finally achieve the results you desire. And if the amplification still doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee should you find that this product does not produce your desired results.

Furthermore, given that we recognize some of the limitations of this technology as it relates to the aforementioned subtle energy insensitivity threshold, we are especially dedicated to improving this technology and making it more effective for more and more people, no matter their sensitivity or insensitivity to subtle energy. We believe it is possible to eventually overcome this hurdle, which is why we continue to upgrade this technology and all of our products every year or two. And to show our immense gratitude for being able to develop this technology for our customers, we offer every upgrade free to existing owners of those products. That means that if you purchase this product, every time we improve it and increase effectiveness, we will send you that upgraded product for free, no matter how many upgrades it may receive over the years.

All that being said, we sincerely appreciate your business and support, and we gladly honor our 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Subtle Energy Sciences products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

Pure White Light contains white light sourced from sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry

We utilize the sciences of sacred geometry to produce the energy of white light.

Sacred Architecture

Even architecture can be configured to produce and hold the energy of white light.

French Radiesthesia

The founders of the French School of Radiesthesia, Chaumery and de Belizal, discovered in the early 20th century that certain shapes could attract, channel and emit the energy of white light.

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