Gaia – Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible


Gaia – Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

Explore the extraordinary with Gaia’s “Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible.” Delve into the realms of human potential, consciousness, and unseen abilities. Key Highlights: Discover hidden potentials, explore mystical experiences, and expand your understanding of human capabilities. Enroll Now to unlock the secrets of the superhuman!

What are our capabilities?

This award-A winning documentary series is tangible proof of the supremacy of the human mind over all matter A series of experiments was conducted and jawa.-Dropping demonstrations will reveal the true nature and reality of mind and body. Viewers will also be able to remote view and manifest positive intentions.

Episode 1
30 minutes
Caroline Cory is the producer and host. Caroline explores extrasensory perceptions, how they have been studied over many decades by governments, and how the research into consciousness continues to advance.
Episode 2
21 minutes
Our consciousness is intertwined with the universe. Dr. Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences talks about our sensory reactions to images, events, and others that we might not be aware of.

Episode 3
34 minutes
You can have measurable effects on your body by what you speak. Karina Smirnoff performs a technique that manifests intention by using her voice. Actor Corey Feldman demonstrates electromagnetic manifestations of sound wave waves.

Episode 4
41 minutes
How does mind and matter interact?-exist? Caroline Cory is a filmmaker who explores the ways that individuals can train their minds to move objects.

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