Joseph Riggio – InfluenceMastery LIVE

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Joseph Riggio - InfluenceMastery LIVE

Joseph Riggio – InfluenceMastery LIVE

Do you want the skills of a Master Influencer … someone who creates change and moves people with ethics and complete integrity?

Many people think of influence as a mysterious and highly technical skill or something that some people are just born with, and maybe you think about influence this way.

Other people think influence means manipulating people against their will, and making them do things they do not want. However, Master Influencers actually help people get more of what they want in their life, in their relationships and in their business.

The key difference is that Masters of Influence know how to help people get more of what they want for themselves, while finding mutually rewarding and collaborative ways of getting there.

The Influence Mastery™ Master Classes at Acuity World span four years with Dr. Joseph Riggio. Each Master Class covers a vital aspect of in influence mastery:

  1. Engaging Ethically
  2. The Magic of Framing
  3. Strategic Influence
  4. Creating Outcomes with Others


Discover the Essence of Creating Commitment and Building Compliance …

On 10/11 November, at the AcuityWorld Training Center in Holte, Denmark, Master Trainer Dr. Joseph Riggio will share the specific ways to access the fundamental structure of knowing that someone uses to make decisions, show you how to align your presentation with that structure, and build the evidence that will motivate someone to decide and take action.

Spend 2-days with a Master Of Persuasion in a “No Fluff” Intensive Training … and get everything you need to master these skills yourself!

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