Gerald Kein – Complete Ultra-Height® Program (additional materials)


Gerald Kein – Complete Ultra-Height® Program (additional materials)

Gerald Kein’s “Complete Ultra-Height® Program” provides an extensive array of supplementary materials designed to deepen participants’ knowledge and proficiency in his acclaimed hypnosis technique, Ultra-Height®. This comprehensive program includes advanced training modules, case studies, and practical exercises that delve into the intricacies of inducing deep hypnotic states for therapeutic purposes. Participants will gain insights into refining their hypnotic skills, addressing diverse client needs, and maximizing therapeutic outcomes through innovative approaches offered in this program

Video, Basic-Intermediate Ultra-Height® Training – 1 h 50 min
This training provides an overview on Ultra-Height® including its history and development. Also includes step-By-Step-by-step instructions for how to reach both the UH and coma states. Demonstrations make learning very simple.

Video, Advanced Ultra-Height® Training – 4 h
Through discussion and demonstrations, this program demonstrates how UH can help with many different problems. Jerry works with a terminally ill person. UH is a tool that can help you feel better, more confident and self-worth. Work with “incurable” The subject of disease is explained in detail. It is also shown how to communicate with spirit guides, and other metaphysical aspects.

Audio, Ultra-Height® For Cancer – 32 min
This audio file was created especially for cancer. It has been used for both breast cancer treatment and tumor reversal. This audio also includes an induction.

Audio, Ultra-Height® For Disease – 36 min
This audio file addresses incurable illnesses transformation and general disease. This audio can be used to treat any mental or physical problem that may arise in your daily hypnotism practice. This audio also includes an introduction.

Script, How to Achieve the Coma State (The first step towards Ultra).-Height®)

Instructions: How to Test For The Coma State

Script, The Ultra-Height® Patter Script (PDF)
This is exactly the script that you will read to your client in order to get him into the Ultra-Height® state.

Ultra-Height® Phrasing (PDF)
What you will say after your client is in the state.

Script, Ultra-Height® For Cancer (PDF)
A patter script that is specifically designed for cancer patients who have a referral from a physician.

Script, Ultra-Height® For General Healing (PDF)
General healing script for clients with disease.

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