Gil Boyne – Case Studies

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Gil Boyne – Case Studies

Gil Boyne – Case Studies


In a dramatic two-hour hypnotherapy session using age regression and “uncovering techniques” Gil Boyne unveils the “battered child” syndrome and fear of castration as an initial sensitizing event for a life-long pattern of stuttering. Three years later, Lee remains totally free of stuttering. Gestalt dialogues, bodywork techniques and Parts therapy.
1 hour, 33 minutes • $75.00


Boyne demonstrates instantaneous inductions with several subjects. While testing one of them by making her upraised arm rigid she exclaims, “It’s a miracle!” She explains that she has been unable to lift her arm higher than her shoulder for over two years. In an exciting and highly dramatic age regression Boyne discovers the cause of her arm, neck, and shoulder problems to be a result of early sexual abuse by her alcoholic father. Using several original and unorthodox techniques, Boyne creates a complete release from these disabling symptoms. Includes one-year follow-up.
1 hour, 22 minutes • $75.00


Ted is a highly-intelligent young married man, who is about to take his final exam to graduate from law school. The exam is critical because if he flunks he cannot continue his studies at the school. Intake interview fails to reveal any indications of subconscious “scripts” at work. Gil Boyne’s Power Programming is used as well as self-hypnosis instruction and the daily use of hypnosis tape at home is prescribed. In a follow-up session Ted reports his amazement at his calm and efficient behavior during the exam and his almost total recall. Further programming to prepare Ted for the Calif. bar examination. Follow-up report shows Ted reporting his successful passage of the bar exam.
2 hours, 18 minutes • $95.00

Gil Boyne’s lecturing teaches the crippling effects of the fear of criticism and curse of perfectionism. He works with two subjects (Miriam and Sam); and discovers “childhood scripts” including the compulsive people-pleaser who “Won’t say no.”
53 minutes • $49.95


Mary learned as a child that it’s “nasty” to feel good. Regression uncovers the discovery of “good feelings” in the genitals. Mother warns Mary, “Nice girls don’t do that.” As an adult, Mary avoids sexuality through obesity and an unattractive appearance. A two-day follow-up shows Mary nicely dressed, with her hair styled and groomed. She reports a different body image and new eating patterns.
1 hour, 6 minutes • $75.00


A student develops anxiety viewing case histories. Session begins with Gestalt dream work then age regression reveals sexual abuse. April developed belief that her genitals were “dirty” and this idea developed into a recurring theme that she was bad and “dirty.” April contacts her repressed anger and rage and cathartic ventilation occurs. The use of Transforming Therapy™ techniques creates a willingness to begin a process of forgiving others and herself as well. This demonstrates that the sexual abuse client can recover self-esteem without having to physically or verbally assault the perpetrator. Client has no further need to continue being the “victim” or to demand retribution.
55 minutes • $75.00

A 27-year-old former “Miss Los Angeles” complains to Boyne that her inability to control her weight has greatly complicated her life and compromised her acting career. Boyne quickly identifies an intense fear of criticism and fear of rejection, and Kristen discovers how she uses her excess weight as a protective mechanism against her own sexuality and an avoidance of taking the necessary steps to enter into an acting career (i.e., “I can’t begin as long as I’m overweight.”). In three sessions of Transforming Therapy Boyne uses age regressions, Gestalt dialogues, “Saying Goodbye” and a unique form of suggestion programming. Kristen realizes the powerful subconscious impact of her mother’s negative suggestions and her jealous boyfriend’s angry statement, “You’ll have to sleep with many men to become a successful actress.” These suggestions and others have crystallized into a subconscious script “All actresses are immoral whores.” As Kristen’s perception of her emotion-driven behavior is changed, a new awareness of her personal responsibility in being overweight comes to her. She confidently states that she can now manage her weight, her family relationships and begin to pursue her acting career.
2 hours, 32 minutes • $95.00

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Hypnosis for Healing and Pain Control
This exciting video shows the use of the pain control method developed by Gil Boyne. Excerpts from three therapy sessions include: Cure of numerous warts on an eight-year-old girl • Cure of chronic migraine headaches in a 67-year-old woman • Controlling limb tremors in a client with Parkinson’s Disease.

A clinical professor at U.C.L.A. and author of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (published by J. B. Lippincott Company), Dr. Kroger demonstrates induction and deepening and creates glove anesthesia in a 27-year-old patient with thyroid disease.
In seven conditioning sessions, the patient is taught to create glove anesthesia and to transfer anesthesia to the neck. The fifth session is a rehearsal of the surgical operation complete with surgical instruments and a verbal explanation of each step to the hypnotized patient.
In the surgical amphitheater, the patient hypnotizes herself and anesthetizes her neck and the operation is filmed and explained. Dr. Kroger creates total body catalepsy to minimize bleeding. Corneal reflexes disappear in hypnosis. Patient walks immediately after surgery.
16 minutes • $29.95

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