Instagram Marketing for Virtual Assistants

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Instagram Marketing for Virtual Assistants

Instagram Marketing for Virtual Assistants

For Instagram Marketing for Virtual Assistants


It’s CRAZY how many different “tips and tricks to growing your Instagram” articles and courses

are out there.


Much less actually be able to use the tips and tricks.

And to be consistent enough once you find the tips and tricks that work for your Instagram.

In this course, we will show you how to have your Instagram up and running without you, where your Virtual Assistant is automated and just runs it for you.

As someone who was a virtual assistant, I’ll even show you HOW to find the RIGHT assistant, and make sure that they are actually good for you and your brand.

We’ll have a step by step process, so you can even have your VA study this course too!

This will include what you ACTUALLY need to do, not what everyone else says you need to do.

This will get rid of any need to keep reading other articles on Instagram marketing.

We’re going to cover:

Instagram Basics

– Things you need to have in your profile

– Three types of accounts you can have (Personal vs Business vs Branded)

Content Creation

– Narrowing down what content you want to use

– Developing your content strategy

– Tools you need for developing content

Different types of content

– Difference between a post, story, IGTV, and Live

– Guide to Instagram Posts

– Guide to Instagram Story

– Guide to IGTV

– Guide to Instagram Live

What your Virtual Assistant can do

– Finding the RIGHT Virtual Assistant

– Recurring tasks they can do automatically

– Working with your Virtual Assistant

And so much more!

This is how you can SET and FORGET your Instagram account so it’s completely running without you!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to start growing their Instagram
  • Anyone who wants to have their Instagram automated and growing
  • Not for someone who wants to do it on their own

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