Jim Cockrum & David & Lisa Hessler – Proven Accounting Training

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Jim Cockrum & David & Lisa Hessler – Proven Accounting Training

Jim Cockrum & David & Lisa Hessler – Proven Accounting Training

Let’s face it, managing the “numbers” of your online business is a pain for most of us. We’ve got a simple solution.

If you’ve tried to do this yourself, perhaps you setup a spreadsheet to track your expenses, pull your Amazon transaction reports, grabbed your eBay statements, run your Shopify summary reports, data, data, data, on and on and on.

Next you dump all those numbers to a tax professional and hope that they can properly identify everything to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes.

But every time you are likely forgetting to track some common expenses or a deduction. Your reports are likely incorrect or incomplete, but you have little way of knowing.

If this sounds like you, you are almost certainly blowing profit out the window that should be staying in your pocket!

Unless you are 100% confident in your accounting and number tracking process, we have a solution that will pay for itself quickly even for the smallest online sellers!

… and it’s not complicated.

Can we help you…

  • Reduce your annual costs for tax preparation and minimize your taxes?
  • Turn your issues over to a qualified pro who gets you all your deductions?
  • Increase your positive cash flow – by ensuring you are generating the most profit possible off all your products?
  • Easily identify the products that are making you the most money so you can push them harder?
  • Instantly identify any products that are losing you money so you can make proper adjustments?
  • Easily capture and manage all your eligible expenses?

Be Ready For Tax Time!

Tax time comes quickly every year! This year most US businesses have a new earlier filing date – March 15 is an important tax day in the US!

If you need a quick solution, you should consider our Crash Accounting method which we cover in this training. After you complete the simple setup videos we’ll show you how to summarize your sales and quickly get your numbers ready to send to any qualified accountant for tax preparation.

All the platforms like Amazon and Shopify give you high-level transaction numbers but in order to maximize the money you keep in your pocket you need the real numbers that define your success. You need to know your net profits. You need to know the numbers that are the lifeblood of your business.

There are any number of accounting training systems available online. Some of them are free and many are $300 plus. BUT, few (if any) of them are focused on your specific needs as an e-commerce seller!

Our goal is to get you running with proper training on the basics of e-commerce training utilizing the world’s number one accounting system, QuickBooks Online, or offer you a done for you service if you prefer.

Your Offer Includes

  • The Basics of Business Accounting and Terminology you need to know
  • Which version of QuickBooks Online ( QBO ) works best for you and how to get it at a significant discount
  • Basics of QBO – Interface and Navigation
  • How to Setup QBO, including an e-commerce specific chart of accounts you can use immediately
  • What Your CPA Needs. You don’t have one of those? You should! We point you to the tools to find one.
  • Basic Data Operations – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Amazon Specific Training
  • Basic Amazon Reports for Accounting
  • Amazon Specific Data Operations – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Accounting Crash Program – How to quickly “summarize” your activity into QBO for the tax year
  • …and more

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