Joe Vitale – The Attractor Factor Ultimate Blueprint – Spiritual Marketing LIVE Seminar

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Joe Vitale - The Attractor Factor Ultimate Blueprint - Spiritual Marketing LIVE Seminar

Joe Vitale – The Attractor Factor Ultimate Blueprint – Spiritual Marketing LIVE Seminar

If you liked my #1 Best Seller book “The Attractor Factor,” you will *love* this three-day experience with some of the greats in marketing and human potential.  It reveals a complete paint-by-the-numbers blueprint for attracting success today.

Not only were the attendees wowed by everyone from Mark Twain (!) to me, they were also blown away by psychic entertainment that still has people talking. (You’ll gasp and laugh out loud when you see my own mind reading after the real thing.)

The premise of the 3-day experience is that you need an integrated approach to success. The event was all about mind-body-spirit working together to bring in bottom line results.

The people who attended went on to create miracles, from changing life direction to finding peace to increasing wealth. For example:

* One person even created a global organization designed to change the world through giving.

* Another person “woke up” at the event, went into business online, created 40 products in one year and now makes more money than *ever* before.

* A woman there, broke, divorced, depressed, found a new calling and spent her last money to begin it. She’s now happy and doing great.

There’s never been an experience like this event. Fortunately, it was all captured live. I spent a small fortune to film, edit, and then produce these DVDs.  They are of the highest quality. But even more importantly, they contain wisdom rarely seen.

This is stuff you can take to the bank — that comes straight from the heart.

You’re in for a treat.The awesome DVD set — a collection of 18 DVDs — is now ready for pre-order at a $100 discount.

The Attractor Factor Ultimate Blueprint DVD Home Study Course quickly teaches you

5 Simple Steps GUARANTEED to Attract New Cars, Dream Homes, Spiritual Balance, Even the Perfect Companion  OR Whatever You Want  into Your Life NOW!

Imagine… A most decadent and delightful piece of architecture unfolds before your eyes, as you enter the large front doors of the hotel…

Tall, lofty ceilings adorned with painted clouds and brilliant, sun-dappled sky scenes pass over head on the walk to the seminar ballroom. Laughter drifts your direction like a sweet cool breeze from the open doors just ahead of you.

The event is about to begin…

There’s a chill as you pass an opened mahogany-stained grand piano. The energy seems to increase, the closer you get to the grand ballroom’s etched glass doors. A few people still linger outside the room as the seminar welcomes its first speaker.

Thunderous applause causes one lingering patron to close the doors, so as not to be carried away by the overwhelming waves of appreciation. Afterwards, he turns around and pauses for a moment to share a smile with you.

His eyes so deep, so hypnotic.

You knew it was him before the warm handshake and polite introduction.

Author of many of the best-selling books sitting on your shelves and in your computer. The Attractor Factor is lying on the coffee table back at home. You listen to his lively and inviting voice in the car — and it continues to inspire you — every time you hear it.

Dr. Joe’s “Mr. Fire” Vitale’s principles have certainly changed your perspective and your life for the better.

FACT: A massive ballroom of patrons paid thousands – some as much as $7,500 – and journeyed from continents around the world to pay homage to their “Buddha of the Internet.”

Dr. Joe Vitale makes an empowering impact on the private relationships and business successes of thousands of individuals every day…

To manifest success in any endeavor, there is always a spiritual componenta part of our success that isnt always obvious to the casual observer. Joe Vitale clearly demonstrates how he has effectively recognized and used this spiritual component with amazing success and how you can easily adapt it to fit your life as wellall in 5 easy steps. I can personally attest to this process and its effectiveness.
— Joe Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

In 5 simple cut-and-dried steps you now have the ability to attract anything from a car, to a raise at work, even a spouse! This isn’t a new discovery by far – for centuries gurus and manifestation masters have held small gatherings to teach similar methods.

…And Now Everything Is Presented In Such An Undeniably Easy Way, You DON’T Have To Be A Dedicated Holy Man To See Shocking – Almost Mystical Results Appear Right Out Of Thin Air!

I was $49,651.24 in debt and had lost my job and my car. Within 48 hours of discovering Joes 5-steps, I got another car, which cost me nothing and a better paying job. Within two months, I received my first freelance writing project. In less than five months, the debt was gone; I paid cash for a brand-new SUV, started my own successful online business, met my future wife, and moved to a dream setting in the Texas hill country. This book (*The Attractor Factor*) will help you attract whatever you wish to bring into your life  fast! — Bill Hibbler, Owner of

Dr. Joe doesn’t occupy this stage alone… he comes with an all-star team of friends and fellow marketing and manifestation experts. Everything from gems of personal business advancement to the laws of reciprocity in energy fields is revealed – all sparkling with an aura of hidden spirituality.

Now this remarkable power to take your dreams from your head to your hands is within your reach. The only tools you’ll require after watching these 18 seminar DVDs will be your imagination… and the ability to know what you want!

As you can see, the possibilities are absolutely limitless. Anything you want or need can be yours. You just have to believe it – and know you deserve it, without any objections.

By this point you’re already wondering about the cost of this information. As I mentioned earlier many students gratefully contributed $7,500 for the chance to learn and apply these secrets under the direct guidance of Dr. Vitale himself…

Dr. Joe decided – while the event was still in its planning stages – he wanted to keep the attendance exclusive. Only the first 50 devotees who applied were allowed to attend.

The entire experience has been captured entirely on 18 DVDs and 2 audio CDs featuring over 15 hours of Dr. Joe Vitale and his all-star guests.

Some of the forbidden mysteries unveiled at this event were…

DVD 1 of 18: How to Harness the Power of Intention to Attract Everything You Desire Into Your Life with the hypnotic master himself  Dr. Joe Vitale.

DVD 2 of 18: “Intuition Wealth: How to Tap into the Riches Your Intuition Will Bring You” with the charming and insightful Cindy Cashman.

DVD 3 of 18: “Making Search Engines Fall in Love with You” starring the SEO genius, Tom Parish.

DVD 4 of 18: “How to Multiply Your Income from One Single Source” freshly squeezed from the brilliant brain of Fran Harris.

DVD 5 of 18: “The Joint Venture Marketing Method Explained” from the meticulous, young mind of Jason “The Marketing Machine” Mangrum.

DVD 6 of 18: “How to Write Sales Letters like a Pro, Even if You’re A Beginner” with one of Dr. Joe’s most affluent students – Vicky Heron.

DVD 7 of 18: “How to Win Over Others When You Stop Managing and Start Coaching Your Way to Success” a priceless education from one of the top coach trainers in the world, Terri Levine.

DVD 8 of 18: “How to Create Wealth through the Power of Giving” with one of the greatest healers of our time, Dr. Rick Barrett.

DVD 9 of 18: “Attracting Wealth through Corporations and Credit” with personal finance expert, Dr. Richard Krawczyk.

DVD 10 of 18: “Profit Now” with Mr. “ $ 0 to $85M in 21 months ” Scott Hallman.

DVD 11 of 18: “How to be the MVP in Your Business and Life” from the Tony Robbins of Internet Marketing, Joel Christopher.

DVD 12 of 18: “Mind Blowing Psychic Entertainment” featuring the spoon-warping Robert Chaning at his best, seriously.

DVD 13 of 18: “Hypnotic Marketing” with Dr. Joe Vitale – these hypnotic selling methods that have made many millions.

DVD 14 of 18: “Powerful Marketing Case Study” from the ethical and terribly honest Mr. Brad Antin.

DVD 15 of 18: “Hidden Keys to Success: The Inside Secrets of a Conscious Achiever” with Mr. Personal Development for over thirty-five years as a seeker, teacher, public speaker, author, musician, composer, therapist, workshop leader, and business owner. Bill Harris.

DVD 16 of 18: “The Hierarchy of Opportunities” once again we see our favorite “$0 to $85M in 21 months” man, the unforgettable Mr. Scott Hallman.

DVD 17 of 18: “How to Get FREE Money, FREE Products, and FREE Customers” with the often imitated, never duplicated – master wordsmith Jo Han Mok.

DVD 18 of 18: “Spiritual Marketing Takeaways and Final Thoughts” this bonus is a personal 1-on-1, Q and A intensive between Dr. Joe Vitale, Speakers, and Attendees. You won’t want to miss this one!

You also get the double audio CD bonus package:

Audio CD 1 of 2: “Breakthrough Secrets” featuring Dr. Joe Vitale with Craig Perrine

Audio CD 2 of 2: Advanced Spiritual Marketing room 101, your master-class with Professor Dr. Joe Vitale and fellow mogul Dan Klatt.

You now have the opportunity to know what the masters know. These wealth building secrets that were once only available to an exclusive few are accessible again for your consumption and ongoing education of your development.

The Attractor Factor Seminar quickly sold out with an astonishing ticket price of as much as $7,500.

Just imagine a few days from now, using the awesome information in this monster package to attract wealth, love, freedom from stress – literally anything you can imagine- into your life right now.

A new car sitting in the driveway… the dream house you’ve wanted for years… An in-ground pool in the center of your perfectly sculpted lawn, occupied by 2 floating lounge chairs – suddenly brought to life by a short swift breeze, then returning to stillness again.

You know you deserve to get everything you want.

You can now stop putting your own personal abilities on hold.

Let go of your limitations. Your belief in them is what has been holding you back!

HINT: You can also use beliefs to create the changes that will attract the life you want, to you. And remember, if you don’t attract the happiness you deserve with these life-altering DVD Home Study Course, send it back and you get 100% of your money returned to you within 72 hours – and without a single question from us.

This is one investment you don’t have to worry about losing.

Order your copy of the Attractor Factor Ultimate DVD Home Study Course right now and get to experience what few in this world have, and most probably never will. You deserve to take this opportunity. Go for it!

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