Jose Silva – Centering Exercise narrated by Ed Bernd Jr.


Jose Silva – Centering Exercise narrated by Ed Bernd Jr.

Experience Jose Silva’s Centering Exercise narrated by Ed Bernd Jr. Enhance your focus, relaxation, and mental clarity through this guided exercise. Key Highlights: Learn effective techniques for centering and achieving inner balance. Enroll Now to benefit from this guided meditation with Ed Bernd Jr.

Learning to think at alpha, which is the center of your thinking, has many benefits. Brain frequency spectrum – The center of your brain

You can use a specific formula at your center-type techniques for stronger self-Programming, to solve problems and program yourself for success.

Because you are more often right, you will be more lucky and more successful. wrong.

You can use your mind more to help yourself, loved ones, or any other human being. Being someone who is in need of help, both mentally and physically.

How to enter the Alpha Level

We recommend you to practice the Silva Centering Exercise At least once per weekThe standard method to enter your level of education is the 3-1 method.

Level 3 Relax your body

Level 2 Relax your mind

Niveau 1 You can enter the alpha level

How to make level whenever you wish

You can get out of your degree in one way: by Counting from 1 to 5.

To reach any level of the mind count mentally between 1 and 5 and tell You will find that, at the count 5 on your watch, you will be able to open your eyes and feel great. In perfect health and feeling better than ever before

Next, count slowly starting at 1 and ending at 2 and then moving on to 3

Remind yourself that your eyes will be open at the number of 5, and you’ll do the same for the count of 3. Be awake and alert. Feel better.

Continue to count slowly until you reach 4, then 5,

At the count of 5 and with your eyes open, mentally tell yourself, “I am wide awake, Feeling great, in good health, feeling better than ever. It is true.

Relaxation for the mind and body

Relaxing your body from head-to-toes can help you increase your level of well-being. You can learn Level 3.As you have learned, it is possible to also practice visualization of peaceful and passive scenes. at Level 2.An afternoon at the beach might be all you need. You will find a peaceful and tranquil scene.Fishing can be a relaxing activity. Passive scene and active scene for you.For those who are looking for a peaceful and tranquil scene, this is it. It may seem like a walk through the forest. A beautiful summer day in the woods When the breeze is just right If there are tall shade tree, Beautiful flowers and a very blue sky Birds can occasionally be seen in white clouds Singing in the distance, even The squirrels are playing on the tree branches. Hear birds singing far away. Keep in mind that you can visualize yourself at your ideal place of relaxation mentally Take a minute to get the same benefit that if you had been there an hour.

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