Katrina Ruth Programs – Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets

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Katrina Ruth Programs – Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets

Katrina Ruth Programs – Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets

It’s Here Baby.

Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets!!

30 Days.

30 Secrets.

EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Sell Like a Millionaire.

Everything I myself have honed and fine-tuned in just under 20 years of FULL-time selling as an entrepreneur … and another 14 or so years before that as a lil hustler on the streets. No … not like THAT!! Just your regular door-to-door selling from 3 years old … starting and selling out memberships from 7 years old … black market schoolyard selling the WHOLE time … and coining $1000+ per WEEK at 11 as an Avon lady!

Suffice to say, I do know a thing or two about selling. And now I use it to sell from total flow and intuition in an on my terms online biz which currently makes multiple 6-figures per MONTH.

So technically you could say that I’m sharing my multi-7-figure per YEAR sales secrets with you, but that doesn’t flow quite as well.

So here’s the deal.

I was gonna do my normal thing … write you a sales page message download soul EXPLOSION from my heart to yours, but you know what?

I think this is the kind of thing where you just know you want it.

Or you don’t.

And OBVIOUSLY – that’s kinda always the case! I’m only EVER interested in creating hell yes no brainer offers which make you scream YES, ANYWAY.

But for whatever reason I’m not vibing with a sales page right now for this.

I think you get to just click and GET it right here right now!!

And then? Well, then you get ready to dive into my BEST sales secrets and WELL–fine-tuned sell with soul shiz-niz. Whatever that is haha.

But seriously … this is actually NOT just about mindset, and flow, and doing what you FEEL. The truth is I can sell like that now because I’ve been doing it for SO damn long. And I do also believe that ANYBODY can do so. But I also know that part of me being able to get to the levels of selling confidence and power and RESULTS I have now is the fact that I have literally spent decades learning – studying – applying – PRACTISING – and figuring out what works and is also in the highest integrity AND from flow.

So, in my 7-Figure Sales Secrets, that’s what I want to share with you.

So What’s It All About?

Over 30 days of DAILY sales trainings, live in the 7-Figure Sales Secrets Facebook group, AND all recorded / kept for you for lifetime access, I’m going to teach you the stuff that I myself do ‘without thinking’ and which I actually rarely even remember to talk about.

YES that includes some scripts – and also how to use certain languaging or wording or phrases in a way that is authentic and flow to YOU.

YES it includes getting people sold on YOU and on whatever it is you WILL then sell them, long before you actually remotely ask for the sale.

YES it includes my best SPECIFIC stuff on how to close – including how to close before you ask for the close!

YES it includes knowing exactly how to choose your pricing comparisons or different ‘options’ for people so that they always opt for the choice YOU know is aligned.

YES it includes stuff I normally would NOT talk about because I don’t want it to be used for manipulation – it’s actually that powerful!! But I know that it’s not right of me to not trust YOU with it; that’s crazy! I only use this stuff for good and I know you will also.

YES it includes assumptive sales processes which just make it SO easy.

YES it includes how to overcome objections WHEN IT IS RIGHT TO DO SO, but how to do so without sounding like a sales robot moron.

YES it includes having people practically beg you to sell to them, and want to throw money at you!

YES it includes positioning yourself as THE go-to person to buy from in your industry … town … field … internet!!

But right now, let’s make this simple for you.

My 7-Figure Sales Secrets is hands down THE #1 sales training for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who damn STRAIGHT wanna make millions and know they CAN, but hell NO won’t do it by selling in a way that doesn’t feel FUCK yes.

You CAN have the best of all worlds you know – you CAN be a selling machine with the highest of integrity, purpose, soul! You CAN do it totally from ‘within’, but I gotta tell you –

If right now you feel you could sell BETTER then it might just be that you DO get to learn, apply, feed knowledge and skills which align for you IN, so that it can then start to automatically just flow OUT.

I’ve been selling for 35 years now. I was born for it, as I know you were. AND I have also spent years … hundreds of thousands of dollars … and UNIMAGINABLE hours … actively learning HOW to sell.

Becoming a sales fucking master

And making millions of millions of dollars as a result, FROM flow and ease!

I want that for you too, and I KNOW you know you can have it.



Katrina Ruth’s 7-Figure Sales Secrets goes for 30 days.

I’ll be teaching 30 secrets – each day a specific sales STRATEGY you can deploy RIGHT AWAY. Not only the ‘what it is and how to use it’ side, but also an example for each secret, AND the relevant mindset and inner game.

You will quite literally learn my BEST MONEY-MAKING STUFF. The stuff which is SO damn good I even forget I know it most of the time; it’s so ingrained in who I AM, and that’s how I’m able to just DO it with ease.

EVERYTHING you need to sell like a millionaire – and beyond – forever!

What are you waiting for gorgeous?

Oh, and also don’t forget:

Life is Now. Press Fucking Play and Sell.

Let me show you more, of the how.

Join my 7-Figure Sales Secrets TODAY gorgeous! You KNOW I’m going to bring it for you.

30 Days.

30 Secrets.

EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Sell Like a Millionaire.


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