Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – SellerCon 2019

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Matt Clark-Jason Katzenback – SellerCon 2019

Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – SellerCon 2019

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Secrets Behind The Biggest Brands In The World

Robert Kiyosaki
Bestselling Author – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Every day we are bombarded with news reports and information and opinions…

How do we decipher fact from fiction? How do we differentiate between truth and lies? And determine what’s real… from what isn’t? Kiyosaki believes that it starts with education, financial education designed to make us smarter with our money―and able to fight what’s fake and use what isn’t to secure our financial future.

Dave Asprey
Founder – Bulletproof

He put one spoon of butter into his coffee and created a worldwide sensation. Since then, he founded two companies, wrote five books, and got featured in Men’s Health as a “lifestyle guru.” Oh, and he also raised tens of millions of dollars for his businesses.
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Learn The Newest Traffic Strategies To Get More Sales On Amazon

Cherie Yvette
Founder – The Urban Cowgirl
A Fistful of Dollars: How to Use Profit as a Competitive Advantage with Amazon Advertising

Getting free traffic is great. The only problem is you don’t control it. And even a small algorithm or rule change can ruin your business. But with Amazon sponsored ads, you’re in charge! Learn how to use simple strategies to bring a boatload of customers into your business, from a true master of the game.

Manol Georgiev
Facebook Marketing Consultant
Mastering Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers

Facebook and Amazon can seem like oil and water. Sellers have a hard time making FB ads work for them. Until now! Manol Georgiev is a FB ads expert who managed $30M+ in ad spend for many Amazon sellers and e-commerce brands. And for the first time, he’ll show you how to run successful FB ads SPECIFICALLY for your Amazon business.

Ezra Firestone
Founder and CEO –
“The Smart Social System”

Copy the same content marketing strategy he’s used to build 4 brands and generate over $61MM in the Last 4 years. Ezra Firestone is an elite marketer, entrepreneur, and the guy who’s on the speed dial of many top online brands when they need marketing and traffic help. And he’s also the co-founder and CMO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, a wildly successful e-commerce beauty brand. So you could say he knows a thing or two. And in his session, you’ll see his proven and tested methods for using Instagram to make some serious sales on Amazon.

Paul Baron
Co-Founder – Messenger Bot University
Messenger Bot Marketing – Launch your products to the top of Amazon using Messenger bots

Right now, Messenger bots are what email was in the 90’s – a hot, underutilized way to grow your business. They are great to build rapport with both your potential customers and current customers. The only “trick” is to use them in a way that’ll work for Amazon sellers, and that is compliant with Amazon’s policies. Paul will show you how to use Messenger bots to launch your products to the top of Amazon!

Karen Waksman
Founder – Retail MBA
How To Get Your Product Into Retail Stores

Selling physical products on Amazon is a huge opportunity. So is selling your products in retail stores. AND they can work hand in hand. In fact, stats show that Amazon is responsible for 5% of all retail sales. That means that there’s a huge opportunity to grow your brand by putting your products on the shelves of retail stores… if you know how to do it right. Karen is someone who knows EXACTLY how to do it, and she’ll share it with you live from the SellerCon stage.
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Recordings for SellerCon 2019 Available NOW!
Conversion And Optimization Strategies That Can Double Sales

Re Perez
Founder – Branding For The People
Building A Brand That Attracts Buyers

Captain Marvel was a good movie. It wasn’t Infinity War, but it was good. Yet, it crossed the $1B mark. Why? Well, for the same reason people buy only Apple, or only Samsung, or wear only Nike, or only Adidas. It’s the brand that attracts them! And one of the biggest lies is that branding is expensive advertising only for rich companies. It’s not! It’s important for Amazon sellers to stand out. Re is a true expert on branding and will show you how to build a brand that attracts buyers to make your Amazon products stand out!

Karyn Thomas
Owner –
The Brand Enhancement Strategy To Boost Sales

Amazon has some incredible tools to help sellers sell even more. But sometimes, it takes small changes – and proper use of those tools – to increase your conversions and boost sales. Karyn is an expert at this. She’ll share with you her strategy for doubling your conversion rates with just a few small tweaks.

Bradley Sutton
Success Manager – Helium 10
The Blueprint For A Buyer Relevant Listing (Attract Buyers In Droves)

Imagine for a second that you want to buy a blender. Naturally, you want to know a lot of things… will it fit on your counter, what can you blend, what you cannot blend, what’s the capacity, and so on. What would happen if none of the listings would provide that info, except for one? Obviously, you’d be most likely to buy from the one that has that info – the one that’s buyer-relevant! Bradley will share his blueprint for creating a buyer-relevant listing!
Recordings for SellerCon 2019 Available NOW!
Bulletproof Business Operations That Save You Time And Stress

Stefan James
Founder – Project Life Mastery
10 Core Mindsets For Building A Successful Online Business

You can have all the best tools in the world. You pick the perfect product to sell. You can have a lot of startup cash on your hands. But if this one tool is off, nothing will matter. Building a successful online business comes with its own questions, challenges, obstacles… And the only thing that can hold you on the path to the top is the right mindset. Stefan will show his 10 core mindsets that are crucial for building a successful online business.

Greg Mercer
Founder & CEO – Jungle Scout
Smart Sourcing – Using Shipping Data To Find The Best Manufacturers

The US government spends billions of dollars each year to collect all sorts of data. Some of that is useful data. And in his SellerCon session, Greg will show you how to find the best suppliers using US government trade data.

Kian Golzari
Founder & CEO –
Price Negotiation Secrets – Getting The Best Price For Your Products To Increase Profit

In business, as in life, you get what you negotiate. Think about this for a second: let’s say that you sell 5,000 units of your product each month. And let’s say that you manage to negotiate a lower sourcing price by $1 per product. That would mean $5,000 extra cash in your pocket! That’s the power of negotiating. And at SellerCon, you’ll learn the secrets from a true wizard of negotiating.

Brad Moss
CEO – Product Labs, LLC
How To Build A Business – The Amazon Way

What gets measured, gets managed. Brad will share with you “The Amazon Way” on how he’s built multiple 7,8 and 9 figure businesses using the best practices learned while working inside of Amazon… directly from an ex-Amazon manager!

Kirsty Verity
Co-Founder and CEO – Northbound Academy
Building Your Business Around YOUR Dream Lifestyle

You’ve started your business to be free. To do whatever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want. Claim back your freedom! Build your business to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around. Kirsty will show you how.

Rich Goldstein
Founder – Goldstein Patent Law
Protecting What’s Yours: How To Get A Patent For Your Product

Copycats are everywhere. You might not think about your product as something worth patenting but think twice. Over time, you’ll notice the ways to improve the product that you’re selling. And protecting your (new) product with a patent will give you an advantage on the marketplace, that many of your competitors won’t have. See how to do it the right way.
Recordings for SellerCon 2019 Available NOW!
How To Grow, Scale And Sell Your Amazon Business

Ryan Moran
Founder –
My Proven Process From 0 To 1 Million In Sales

Reaching 7-figures in sales is every seller’s dream. But for Ryan, it’s a reality. In fact, it has been his reality several times. His process is so perfected and well-tuned, that it’s not a question IF his business will reach 7-figures, but HOW FAST. And he’ll share his 0 to $1M process live from the stage!

Allen Brouwer
Founder – AKB Enterprise
Build An 8 Figure Business in 24 Months (Anyone Can Replicate!)

Building an 8-figure business can sound like a hard-to-reach goal. But it’s actually quite the opposite. If you have the right “map” to follow. Don’t miss Allen’s session, and you’ll see a proven blueprint for building an 8-figure business in just 24 months, that anyone can replicate.

Gary Nealon
Founder –
Building And Selling A 40 Million Dollar Brand In One Of The Most Competitive Niches Ever

Building a successful business in any niche is hard. But building one of the largest online e-commerce companies in one of the most competitive niches ever is almost impossible. Not for Gary. Not only did he build it, he also sold that company last year for 8-figures. Now, he’s sharing his secrets and helping e-commerce brands grow fast and sell for huge paydays.

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