Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male – The Players Handbook


Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male – The Players Handbook

Gain insights into male dynamics with Rollo Tomassi’s “The Rational Male – The Player’s Handbook.” Explore strategies for understanding relationships, attraction dynamics, and personal growth. Key Highlights: Learn practical advice, enhance self-awareness, and navigate modern dating challenges. Enroll Now to master the principles of the rational male!

In this final master-work of The Rational Male SeriesRollo Tomassi breaks down the fundamental mechanics of Game, intersexual social skills, and the nuts & bolts psychology that makes it work. The Players Handbook is not a “how-to” book, it’s a “why-it-works” book. It’s not an instruction manual – it is the missing textbook on Game and understanding intersexual dynamics.

Game is an adaptive set of social skills and best practices in navigating intersexual dynamics in a modern sexual marketplace. While the rapid conditions of that marketplace are in constant change, the human-machine does not.

We need a modern Game textbook based on empirical, 21st-century data, not emotional hopefulness. We need a reference manual for all dating coaches, relationship experts, as well as married men and would-be PlayersWe need a Players Handbook to guide the practice of all Game.

Drawing on over 20 years of evolutionary psychology, biology, sociology, and anthropology, The Players Handbook fluidly addresses the natures of men and women’s intersexual dynamics.

Game is a craft that sets Players apart from Average men. Average men are everywhere. The average guy is overweight, underemployed, low-or-no education, rudderless and purposeless in life and love.

Today’s statistics show that women find only 4.5% of men attractive…attractive enough to initiate a dialogue with them. That 4.5% are the Players. Their Game may suck, but they are the high-value men who women want to play with, and play with. And this is what’s at the heart of this book.

You want to be a Player, not the average guy.

Game is for every man, not just the hustler draped over a Lamborghini parked next to his super-yacht. Single, married, saint or sinner, first-world rich or third-world poor, Game is for you.

This is the lost textbook you and your dating coaches have been missing for decades.

It’s time you become a Player.

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