Shiva Rea – Sacred Belly Empowerment for Women

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Shiva Rea - Sacred Belly Empowerment for Women

Shiva Rea – Sacred Belly Empowerment for Women

For Shiva Rea – Sacred Belly Empowerment for Women

A woman’s belly is the sacred embodiment of our creative power but often where we store tension and disconnection from cultural images of the “flat belly”. How can we develop a strong core without losing our fluidity and inner peace. What are the effects of mechanical core work or the objectification of our body at the soul level? How can we integrate the first three chakras – from yoni, womb and navel power with depth and balance?

Sacred Belly Sadhana (May) in companionship with Creative Core (July) is an empowering process for women to embody the source of their creative power with self-love, wisdom and sacred strength. When we relax our belly there is a great peace in letting go. When we strengthen our belly there is an empowerment in rising.

Drawing upon her background in movement therapy and supporting women of all backgrounds for over twenty years, Shiva will share with you a transformative prana flow sadhana to restore love and consciousness, fluidity to let go and power to rise up as we retrive the power of our sacred core.

Our Sadhana includes:
8 videos and 5 meditations, FB:
and Live Calls
• Sacred Belly Process – Liberating your her-story of your belly and de-condition cultural stereotypes in a safe-support
• Creative Core Practice – Shiva’s Intro to Fluid & Effective Core
• Loving Relaxation & Massage – Nauli Kriya & Abhyanga
• Embodying Shakti – Meditations for love
• Sacred Belly Nutrition – Tips from Ayurveda to incorporate into your life-style

Optional: Prana Flow- Creative Core for Women

21-Day Practice and Certification

This year you can enroll in the Meditations only or join our Fluid Creative Core practice as well.

Sacred Belly Sadhana Only – Live Calls, Meditations, Reflections and Sacred Belly Process

Prana Flow – Creative Core Practice & Online Certification – first time online certification of Shiva’s “creative core” practices for one’s personal empowerment or teaching core specific practices for all levels and for women (including pre-post natal).


Option to participant in Online Certification: Prana Flow – Creative Core for Women
21 Days of 20 min solar or lunar creative core practice minimum 6 days a week

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