The Membership Guys – Member Machine (Book)

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The Membership Guys – Member Machine (Book)

The Membership Guys – Member Machine (Book)

Behind The Membership

In 2017 we launched a new podcast series called “Behind the Membership”. Its aim was to dig deep into the stories of real people running real, successful online membership businesses.

Not to give them a platform to blow their own trumpet, but to get to the heart of what made them tick, how their journey had unfolded and what insights they’d picked up along the way.

We had the privilege of uncovering some absolute gold in those conversations – an incredible wealth of insight and experience that was just too valuable to leave languishing in the archives of the podcast, so we’ve compiled the biggest takeaways into this book.

These are real people, real memberships, real stories.

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Behind The Membership

Member Machine

Member Machine gives you bite-sized but in-depth information on all aspects of membership site creation, with daily activities and exercises for you to complete in order to get your online membership up and running easily.

This 30 day guide to launching your own membership website gives you with a clear path to follow that will give you the best start for your website.

Each day focuses on a specific area and, most importantly, gives you the action steps you need to take in order to move forward.

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