Dr. Michael Werner – Mesmerism & Hypnosis – The Master Course

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Dr. Michael Werner – Mesmerism & Hypnosis – The Master Course

Master the arts of mesmerism and hypnosis with Dr. Michael Werner’s comprehensive course. Learn advanced techniques, deepen your understanding of hypnotic practices, and enhance your skills in inducing trance and therapeutic healing. Key Highlights: Gain expertise in mesmerism, master hypnotic induction methods, and apply hypnosis for personal and professional use. Enroll Now to become a master in mesmerism and hypnosis with Dr. Michael Werner!

Rare techniques from the Old World.Faster and better results

  • After 10 years of extensive research around the globe, Dr. Michael Werner And his team said: “There is a missing link in hypnosis nowadays.”
  • Hypnosis was not a verbal method in the past. These techniques are powerful and rarely used, but they are now well-known.
  • We have been able to learn nonverbal hypnosis techniques quickly in Italy. In Austria and Germany we have followed the footsteps of Mesmer. In France, we have studied the work of the Marquis of Puysegur and his artificial somnambulism and the ideas of Abbé Faria.
  • And now, we know the ancient secrets of hypnosis and maybe soon you will know them too…
  • The Combining these traditional methods with modern techniques will result in a winning combination. “supercharger” For your hypnosis work.


  • Learn the most effective and powerful form of hypnosis
  • reach deeper trance states
  • Get better results faster
  • Learn the ancient secrets of “real” Hypnosis
  • Learn the techniques of the Mesmerists
  • Instant healing and transformation
  • More clients = greater success = more profit
  • Also, can be used as a stand-All methods
  • Learn to be a better hypnotist “hypnosis rockstar”)

The online master class:

We love efficiency. So you´ll get all the information you need to work successfully with our system. We make it as easy as possible to impart knowledge, but not less. The The most precious resource we all possess is our time. We will not waste your time – that’s what we promise.

Hypnotizing in seconds is an old and powerful technique that works without the need for words.

Instant rapport at an unconscious level in seconds – faster than any script anywhere in the world.

To deepen the state of trance, special touches and passes are recommended. Your clients can reach deeper states where healing and transformation are possible.

You can use the hypnotic system as a stand-alone.-Methode alone

The no-A nonsense strategy that works: Clear descriptions and clear instructions.

You´ll learn to combine old mesmeristic techniques with modern hypnosis to boost your hypnosis skills and results. You will be loved by your clients.

There are very few techniques known that will give you an advantage over the competition.

This is an easy-to-learn system that will help you hypnotize more effectively.

You´ll learn what people think “real” Hypnosis would be.

You´ll learn how to strengthen your own hypnotic power (including charisma, willpower, etc.)

You can do so much more!

What you will not learn in the online master program:

It is not possible to learn how to hypnotize starting from scratch. This master course is intended for people who are familiar with the basic concepts of Hypnosis.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Dr. Michael Werner – Mesmerism & Hypnosis – The Master Course

Dr. Michael Werner - Mesmerism & Hypnosis - The Master Course

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