Maggie Percy – The Dowsing State – Secret Key To Accurate Dowsing


Maggie Percy – The Dowsing State – Secret Key To Accurate Dowsing

Maggie Percy’s “The Dowsing State – Secret Key to Accurate Dowsing” provides essential guidance and techniques for achieving the optimal mental and spiritual state necessary for accurate dowsing. The program likely emphasizes practices such as mindfulness, attunement, and focus to enhance one’s ability to detect and interpret subtle energies using dowsing tools like rods or pendulums. It aims to empower practitioners with the skills and insights needed to achieve reliable results in dowsing applications.

If you aren’t in the dowsing state, you aren’t dowsing.

The The core of the dowsing method is the dowsing state. It is an altered state, which is different than the normal waking state of your brain. It is distinguished by not one but four brain waves simultaneously. In The Dowsing State You will find out what the dowsing state looks like, what scientific studies have proven about it, and how to best access it in order to improve your dowsing accuracy.

Maggie Nigel Percy Have been practicing dowsing professionally and personally since before the advent of the internet. The founders of the online dowsing site. Dowsing World Summit and hosts for the free Discovering Dowsing Website, they share their dowsing experience to assist members of the global Dowsing Tribes can master the art of dowsing. Once you master dowsing technique—and you can—you will be able to use it to dramatically improve your life in many ways.

While anyone can dowse, it is impossible to get the right answer without knowing the state of the dowsing. The Dowsing State will help you master a process that defies description and is usually left out of dowsing courses because it isn’t easy to teach, but is vital for dowsing success.

Buy The Dowsing State Now is the time to take your dowsing skills to the next level. You will be able use dowsing in your life to transform it once you have mastered the dowsing state.

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Maggie Nigel Percy Sixth Sense Solutions has been teaching dowsing since 2002 to a worldwide clientele. To Discovering provides free information about dowsing Dowsing at To see all their books on dowsing, visit Sixth Sense Books at This text refers only to the paperback edition.

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