Navid Moazzez – Virtual Summit Mastery Pro

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Navid Moazzez – Virtual Summit Mastery Pro

Navid Moazzez – Virtual Summit Mastery Pro

Yes, It’s Possible For You To Grow Your Audience Rapidly By 1000’s of People Who Want To Hear From You, Generate More Profit In Your Business and Finally Build a Powerful Personal Brand And Be Seen As The Go-to Expert In Your Field

Even if you’re starting from scratch and have
zero email list and no relationships in your field right now…

Keep reading to discover how to create, promote & profit from your
own virtual summit to skyrocket your business and brand online.

Virtual Summit Mastery is the only proven step-by-step online training program that will teach you exactly, step-by-step, how to create, promote and profit from your own virtual summit to skyrocket your business and brand online.

A simple, amazingly effective way to grow your email list rapidly, create a product fast, generate more profit in your business, and finally build a powerful personal brand and be seen as the go-to expert in your field.

This PROVEN SYSTEM that takes all the guesswork out of creating, promoting and profiting from a virtual summit.

Become The Go-to Expert & Authority In Your Field

Skyrocket your business & brand over night

  • Instantly position yourself as an expert in your field by branding yourself by association (“Borrowed” Authority)… even if you’re just starting out from scratch with no experience, zero email list and no relationships in your field (yet).
  • Grow a super engaged audience rapidly by providing them EPIC CONTENT that you don’t have to create yourself (hint: you just have to interview or feature other experts in your field on your summit).
  • Get your business & brand out there in a BIG WAY and create fame online by leveraging the credibility & visibility of others.
  • This proven virtual summit strategy works in any niche!

Rapid Targeted List Building For Accelerated Hypergrowth

Get 1000’s of opt-ins in a short amount of time!

  • Get anywhere from 1,000’s-10,000’s of targeted leads rapidly (you’ll even by surprised how fast you can grow your list by hosting a virtual summit… one student even got 25,000+ opt-ins from one virtual summit)
  • Get in front of already existing audiences by having your speakers and other partners promote your summit so you can get 100’s of opt-ins per day (accelerated hypergrowth), rather than getting the odd 1-10 email subscribers per day.
  • What would your business and life look like with an extra 1,000, 3,000 or even 10,000+ people on your email list?
  • Keep in mind that even a 1,000 person email list can lead to a $100k per year business depending on what market you’re in (I personally made 40k+ in ONE MONTH with a list of around 3,500 people the month after my summit).

Build A Passionate Tribe Of Raving Fans & Paying Customers


even if you’re just starting out and have very small audience now

  • Your virtual summit will help you build a very passionate tribe and community of raving fans & paying customers rapidly.
  • By hosting an awesome virtual summit and delivering epic content to your “new” audience consistently, you build trust much faster than with just a blog or regular podcast episodes, which means that you can shorten the sales cycle a lot.

Build Long-Term “Profitable” Relationships With Big Influencers In Your Field

even if you know no one in your field yet…

  • By interviewing and featuring influencers on your summit you do not only build your brand by association, but you’ll also meet more successful, like minded people that will have a very positive effect on your business and brand for many years to come.
  • By leveraging the amazing relationships you build with your speakers and forming rewarding partnerships, you’ll be able to reap the benefits and make even more profits long after your virtual summit is over (webinars, joint venture, affiliates etc.)

Create A Product Super Fast & Profit From Your Virtual Summit

Pre-sell your summit before it’s even LIVE + make sales during and after too!

  • Make 4 or 5-figures from your virtual summit or even much, much  more… (The summit I did togehter with Chandler Bolt generated $300k in total… and even more afterwards).
  • See profits coming in before your summit starts, during your summit, and even after it’s over (this was a big AHA moment for me… feels amazing!)
  • Grow your email list rapidly and make money from your virtual summit at the same time even if you never sold anything online or created a product/summit before in your life (The Branding Summit was the first virtual summit I created and it was a HUGE success and took my business and entire life to the next level).

Do you want to…

  • Build your authority and credibility in your niche?
  • Grow a passionate audience and grow your email list rapidly?
  • Turn fans into super fans and life-long customers?
  • Create rewarding partnerships that will lead to big profits in your business?
  • Create a product super fast without even creating your “own content” that people would love to pay you for?
  • Get booked solid with your ideal clients who pay you premium?
  • Make money while you sleep and achieve more freedom in business and life?
  • Build a business around a topic you’re passionate about and turn it into profits?

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