Paul Gutteridge – Deep Tune 2.0


Paul Gutteridge – Deep Tune 2.0

“Deep Tune 2.0” by Paul Gutteridge likely refers to an updated version of his program focused on achieving deep states of relaxation or meditation through sound or music. This could involve techniques for using specific frequencies, rhythms, or compositions to enhance mental clarity, emotional well-being, and overall relaxation.

DeepTune 2.0
Have you ever wondered how many more opportunities there would be if someone else knew what was happening inside your mind?

if you are a The therapist

  • Don’t guess, your client will. Follow the steps With the course of action that you have agreed to.
  • Know their addresses Sensitivity areasThey do, even those who are not. Were not aware of ourselves
  • Stop trying to make the client express their emotions. You can verify it

if you are a magician

  • Stop pretending to be able to read my mind/be the human lie-detector – Do it for real!
  • Meet new people while you walk around and make connections. They are available for immediate contact

if you are a salesperson

  • understand What really matters? To the other party
It is quite likely that your response will be one of two. “Sounds too good” Or “Sounds unethical”.
We can guarantee you: Both are incorrect.
Paul Gutteridge He has been trained in behavioral analysis and has received several certificates. 3 letter agencies He has utilized his vast skill set to assist others. High-stakes negotiationsBusiness roomsCoaching business people?, Analyzing athletes. He places great importance on ethical approaches to reading people and handling information.
What can you learn?
Our largest course to date will teach you:

☞ Mark it correctly-Take a look at the text and make a decisionSuch as the client intake formsUNRELEASED PREVIOUSLY)

☞ Pay attention to the important things Conversations over the telephone

☞ Keep an eye out for reliable tells Body language

This will ensure that you’re never caught cold by the other party, even if they don’t want to turn on their camera in a conference.
A whole module has been added to this site with examples to give you some ideas on how to use these techniques. Networking environments Other Situations in the professional sector.

BUT, there are also some bad news.

Perhaps you have heard us mention Paul It was in the past but not much has happened since. It is because Paul, given his incredible skills, is in the middle of negotiations with some high (very high…) paying companies. This is great news! PaulThere are a few exclusive clauses. This means: It could be the last.We can offer his material to Powa Academy.
Each module could easily be sold by itself. $1000. We believe in great value so we priced the entire package at $1997. To definitely over-Deliver, we also add in mehr than 20h replay videos Coaching calls. You will find many useful information in this treasure chest. Paul Coaching beginners by learning the various techniques.

Since this is the last time we can offer you this incredible package for the foreseeable future, we want to give you the chance to get it with a heavy discount!

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