Xtreme Mind – Dark Attraction Subliminal Energy Mp3

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Xtreme Mind – Dark Attraction Subliminal Energy Mp3

Want her? Easy. This MP3 forces the  magic of sexy forbidden badass vibe.

Vampires. They’re hot. They’re seductive. And they get all the women (and men, depending on the vampire’s gender)

Of course, we all know they don’t exist. Neither do the Satyrs and Nymphs. That doesn’t mean that their legendary sensual prowess is naturally non-existent.

Locked in you are the very same hypnotic charms of these mythical creatures. The same dark charms that creates the forbidden attractions between bad boys and nubile women and sexy vamps and innocent men.

Imagine radiating that power. What would that be like. How would you use it?

Dark Attraction

Experience, just for fun, the dark seductive vibes of the vampire and satyr. The system is a 25 minutes Mp3 infused not just with the appropriate energy frequencies, but also impregnated chaos and sex magick. With Dark attraction, you acquire the white hot aura of the bad ass creature of the night, minus the fangs.


  • Listen with headphones while in a relaxed state. DO NOT OPERATE MACHINERY OR DRIVE!
  • For maximum effect listen with full focus in the evening from 10pm to 1am, then again (refresher) two hours before an encounter. During the refresher, no need to listen with full focus.The energy frequencies does its job even without subliminals.
  • You will begin walking around with a badass attitude (it’s automatically programmed into you) that will naturally and readily draw others to you.
  • The accompanying seduction guide should provide the approach protocol you can use without fail.
  • If you want to explode more energy into a target, do the 200 stroke method. (Discussed in the readme) This way, the charm vibe concentrates in one direction, rather than in a general diffused field.

How Does Dark Attraction Work?

Refer to Kundalini Activator 1.0 and all our CDs. Dark Attraction works the same way, using energy frequencies but with the added force of some resonance raised by chaos magick.

Core Benefits of this Program

Chaos programming- almost like having master magi at your beck and call 24/7

Rapid stimulation of the body’s sexual energy centers (chakras) which leads to

Amazing confidence

Explosive sexual vibe.

A badass attitude.

Enhanced PS power

Here is What You will Get in Xtreme Mind – Dark Attraction Subliminal Energy Mp3

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