Paul Dobransky – KWML Mastery Course

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Paul Dobransky – KWML Mastery Course

Paul Dobransky – KWML Mastery Course

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get along with a woman, even after learning all kinds of ways of attracting them?

Have you been in a relationship for awhile and wondered “what happened”???

why you fight now?
are competitive?
bored with each other?
get into financial trouble?
or something is “just missing” in your life together?
Then you want the KWML™ Mastery Course for Men.

This program charts your way through understanding personality on a DEEP level not available on any other product, or even from academic centers.

Even other authors whose work I have appeared on, don’t touch the surface of this product in terms of the depth, techniques, and high-quality videography, charts and diagrams.

This course comes with a workbook that guides you by the hand in immediately being able to “read women.

“By “reading” people, whether women, colleagues in the workplace, bosses, or family, friends and others, I mean having an instant, deep knowledge of HOW they need to communicate, WHAT they are actually likely to do in future behavior, WHY certain people work well with us as friends and others do not and cannot, this program is for you.

It is none other than my newest technology, one which gives you the world’s most high-tech understanding of FRIENDSHIP.

It has the same name as my starter book, KWML™, but brings in all the latest I’ve learned in the last three years since I’ve worked with other authors–both theoretical, and out in the field APPLICATIONS never discussed before.

This Mastery Course for Men focuses down on KWML™ specifically and adds my latest advanced thinking on the KWML™ concepts…

This is THE cutting edge technology on a concept I developed over years as a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) and a board certified Psychiatrist… working with over 15,000 patients – as part of my patent-pending MindOS Unification Theory of Psychology…

This course is a master editing of 4 + different seminars, including one for women and 3 for men over the past year, and a new professional studio taping with just me and guests by a Chicago independent film director and cinematographer.

It comes with BOTH a high quality 4 DVD set and a Workbook, and an introduction CD and practical applications CD, with a BONUS video of the pilot my new television show, “Theory Boys”

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