Elliot Drake – Land Clients Accelerator

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Elliot Drake – Land Clients Accelerator

Elliot Drake – Land Clients Accelerator

Land Clients™ Accelerator

Social Media Marketing Agency Fast Track

Land Clients SMMA Accelerator is going to teach you exactly how to start and run a profitable social media marketing agency. It gives everything you need to be successful in this space. Nobody else has taught a program like this before.

What’s included:

Lifetime access to all modules – Updated with new content monthly.

Support + Feedback in our private Facebook group.

Sales Scripts, Templates, Contracts+More.

Weekly Facebook Live to Answer questions. 24/7 Access to our team.

Discount to live Mastermind Sessions. Coming soon.

Course Curriculum

The Foundation

Start Here (8:40)

What To Expect In This Program (10:24)

The Business Model & How HOI Scaled to 6-figures in 3 Months (16:05)

Extra: Setting up your business (5:51)

Becoming an Affiliate (Make Additional Income) (3:05)

Business Partner’s (4:11)

Affiliate Dashboard (Overview) (5:16)

Mindset Shift

Setting Goals To Create the Life You Want To Live. (27:59)

How Bad Do You Want It? (9:43)

Utilizing The Universe To see Massive Change. (46:35)

Inputs & Outputs (8:02)

Audit your Environment (9:21)

Understanding Money (5:35)

9 Triangles of Business (16:13)

Tunnel Vision (7:06)


For Purpose Business Model (7:51)

The Whole Objective Is to become World-Class (3:42)

Picking Your Niche (38:21)

Example Niche’s for Lead Generation (40:07)

Don’t Get Hung Up (5:01)

The Personal Growth Progression (11:53)

Building and Pricing Your Offer (29:01)

Market Evaluation (7:39)

What You Should Have Completed (2:08)

Agency Setup

Creating Your Business (8:39)

Building Your Digital Base (50:10)

Getting Organized and Setting up Gmail (19:57)

The Important Paper-Work (21:07)

Keeping Track of Your Content (10:48)

Softwares Needed To Manage Clients (36:29)

Meetings Checklist (9:15)

Collecting Payments (10:03)

The Overall Workflow (28:10)

My tools for smma (29:20)

Before Selling

Maximum Capacity (3:53)

Right vs Wrong Client (4:09)

Being Confident in your offer & Pricing on the Life-Time Value (9:03)


The Fallacies of Sales (33:29)

The Ultimate Conversion Sales Script (73:10)

Personalizing your Script (28:31)

The Salesman Doubt (13:17)

Three Reasons People Don’t Buy (7:53)

Selling Advertising Services (8:39)

Generate Inbound Lead Strategy (4:20)

Getting your first client if you’re struggling (5:42)

Building a Team

How To Hire Sales People for your agency (28:00)

Organic Client Acquisition Strategy

Making a post! (2:26)

The Audit (11:22)

Direct Outreach (19:30)

LinkedIn to Land Clients (10:22)

Automating LinkedIn Outreach with Kennected (48:44)

Strategic Mail (18:23)

Finding Clients on Yelp (19:20)


The Facebook Evolution (76:22)

The Breakdown of Facebook’s Algorithm (34:21)

Rules of The Game (53:29)

The Strategy Playbook (38:53)

Developing Your Audience Hypothesis (29:44)

Tracking The World (18:58)

Setting The Foundations For Retargeting (25:18)

Preparing your Ad & Audiences for Launch. (41:14)


Introduction To OutSourcing (44:17)

Escaping the Freelancer Rat Race (64:55)


Google My Business – Featuring Stephen Twomey (101:23)

Personal Branding

Building an Audience To Get Inbound Leads (8:57)

How This 19yr old has gotten featured in 50+ Publications. (4:50)

Incepting The Media With Facebook Targeting (9:23)


Live Inbound Lead Meeting Close Call. (4:24)

Live: Client On-boarding Call (30:31)

Setting up a Real Estate Buyer Leads Campaign for Facebook Lead ads. (41:49)

Mitch’s Reach Out Strategy Audit (2:42)

Weekly Live QA Webinars

Live QA – December 1st – 2018 (48:45)

Live QA – Dec. 18th – 2018 (38:47)

Live QA – Jan. 7th – 2018 (39:20)

Live QA_ January 21st – 2019 (38:39)

Live QA Feb, 4th_2019 (Real Estate Niche Main Topic) (50:03)

Live QA_ Feb_18th_2019 (30:20)

Live QA_March 18th_2019 (43:34)

June 10th_ Live QA_2019_(Really Good Call) (63:03)

Monday June 17th , 2019 Live QA! (41:59)

Live QA Thursday 7pm EST June 27th, 2019 (accountability and mindset) (83:12)

Live Call Friday July 5th, 2019 (AMAZING LINKEDIN OUTREACH TRAINING) — WATCH IT (103:35)

Weekly Live Call – Sep. 28th – Niche Identification and Avatar (92:16)

Zach Hesterberg’s Facebook Ads Training | October 3, 2019 | Live Q&A Call (75:21)


VA Hiring Guide

Contract Template

Statement of Work Template

Market Outreach Test Script

Crafting Your Offer Worksheet

7 Smart market questions worksheet

Goals-Sheet Template

Ultimate Sales Conversion Script Termplates

Basic-RACI-Roles Sheet: Team Building

Develop your Niche Diagram

Services: Example Pages

LC Version 2.0 – coming soon | Preview of The Four Things That Matter.

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