Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit 2022

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Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit 2022

Join the Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit 2022 and delve into the healing powers of plants. Learn from experts about herbal remedies, plant consciousness, and holistic health practices. Key Highlights: Discover ancient wisdom, explore plant-based healing modalities, and connect with a community passionate about natural medicine. Enroll Now to deepen your knowledge of evolutionary plant medicine!

Upgrade your pass now  unlock instant access to at-home herbal remedies, botanicals solutions, and DIY practices you can apply right now — Only available in Evolutionary Plant Medicine Collection 2022.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS ongoing access to the video and audio recordings and transcripts of every summit session — giving you access to sacred guidance from these powerful shamanic practitioners, wise elders, and esteemed teachers as you continue on your healing journey.


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Gut-Brain Link: Creating Physical & Energetic Whole Body Health

Exclusive Master Practicum of 90 Minutes with Dr. Trupti GOkani

In this experiential master practicum with integrative and Ayurvedic neurologist Dr. Trupti Karani, you’ll explore How the gut connects to the brain. This can have an impact on mental, emotional and physical health.Review some tips and tricks to improve your overall health.

Brain Power Booster

A 90-Minute Master Practice with K.P. Khalsa

Enjoy this master practicum with a world-renowned Ayurvedic teacher, herbalist, and shaman K.P. Khalsa, you’ll explore natural remedies — including herbs — To Sharpen your memory, thought function and mood. Find out how to Reverse cognitive decline and memory problems, and conquer and prevent serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by ingesting nutrients that boost production of key neurotransmitters.

Medical Astrology: Using Your Chart to Cultivate Health & Wellbeing

A 90-Minute Master Practice with Selima Harleston Lust

Join Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit co-host Selima Harleston Lust This master practicum will be a fascinating opportunity for her to discuss The basics of medical astrology They will actually guide you through the process To assess your physical constitution, analyze your natal chart. She’ll show you how to determine your body type. What each sign and house means for different parts in your anatomy.

Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals From the Rainforest

Adriana Ayales’ 2-Part Shift Network Course Selection

Author, educator, and rainforest herbalist Adriana Ayales We will be revealing Energyful diagnostics as a key ingredient within curanderismo — also known as Mexican Traditional Healing — to uncover the origins of physical disease. You’ll also discover how many traditions around the world have revered the power of beauty, embracing a myriad of rituals to You can cultivate beauty, longevity and rejuvenation by working from the inside out.

You’ll receive:

  • Module 1: Indigenous Medicine — The Healing Cosmology of Curanderismo
  • Module 3: Ancient Plants & Rituals for Beauty, Rejuvenation & Longevity

Empowered Aging Using Ayurvedic Wisdom & Modern Science

Sampler of 2-Part Shift Network Courses from Dr. John Douillard DC

Ayurveda, sports medicine, and natural health are the guidelines Dr. John Douillard, you’ll examine what it means to Live consciously According to Ayurveda’s ancient practice, Setting the foundation for conscious long-term success. You’ll also learn how to implement the 4-day Kaya Kalpa cleanse at home — a process (now studied by Western science) that effectively removes environmental and emotional pollutants from the body.

You’ll receive:

  • Module 1: Conscious Aging — Where Science Meets the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda
  • Module 6: Ayurvedic Life Extension — At-Home Cleansing & Rejuvenating Spiritual Retreat

Tree Medicine

A 3-Part Shift Network Course Sampler from David Crow

Master herbalist, aromatherapist and acupuncturist David Crow shares what modern research now confirms — spending time in forests is therapeutic for the body and mind. Numerous important medicines, including those that were used from time immemorial, are also derived from trees. Because of their mood-uplifting properties and mind-calming powers, they are useful for treating both acute and chronic conditions.

You’ll receive:

Download immediately Evolutionary Plant Medicine Summit 2022

  • Module 1: Tree Medicines for Healing the Spirit & Deepening Peace of Mind
  • Module 2: Tree Medicines for Immune Protection, Atmospheric Purification & Respiratory Health
  • Module 5: Tree Medicines for Removing Pain & Inflammation

DIY Herbalism

3 Select Recordings of Our Plant Medicine Summit Archives

Enjoy this collection of audio- and video clips from the past. Plant Medicine Summits, you’ll enjoy discovering interesting DIY content including how to create your own herbal apothecary garden, how to forage for wild medicine, and more.

  • “Garden Herbs for Immune Support” 2020 — video with Ingrid Bauer, MD
  • “Foraging Wild Medicine” 2019 — audio with Nicole Telkes
  • “Growing Your Own Herbal Medicine” 2018 — audio with Chanchal Cabrera

Best of Plant Medicine SummitPackage: Curated Sessions

Five Picked Recordings from the Past Plant Medicine Summits

You’ll discover that ancient herbs have been used for millennia to Increase your consciousness… how herbal adaptogens are used to increase strength, staminaProviders Stress relief… that prairie plants are good for Heal your sadness  overcoming negativity… and that self-sourcing herbs helps us to more deeply understand their medicinal properties.

You’ll receive:

  • “Ancient Herbs for Higher Consciousness” Video with Adriana Ayales
  • “Self-Sufficient Herbalism in Practice” Video with Lucy Jones
  • “Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief” Audio with David Winston
  • “Prairie Plants for Healing Sadness and Overcoming Negativity” Nicholas Schnell: Audio
  • “Concepts of Spiritual Healing From a Mayan Shaman” video with Rosita Arvigo & Adriana Ayales

2022 Psychedelic Healing Summit Collection

Three Selected Recordings 2022 Psychedelic Healing Summit

Get a taste of fascinating talks, rituals, and experiences from our first-ever Psychedelic Healing Summit. You’ll discover how psychedelics are poised to shift mental health treatments As they transition from the underground to legal treatment thanks to pioneering scientific investigation. As powerful tools of healing and initation, sacred plant medicines have been used by ancient cultures for centuries. – and today these teachings inform modern practices, such as psychedelic-assisted therapy.

You’ll receive:

  • “Plant Prayer Ceremony” video with Dream Mullick & Grandmother Flordemayo
  • “Connecting with the Spirit, Wisdom & Intelligence of Plants” Video with Puma Fredy Quispe singingona
  • “Self-Sufficient Herbalism in Practice” Video with Manari Ushigu

Circles of Sanctuary

Robin Flynn leads guided meditation videos

During this guided meditation (a recommended daily practice) with plant spirit medicine ceremonialist Robin Flynn, you’ll experience “Circles of Sanctuary ” — An energetic structuring that consecrates space around your body, and illuminates your biofield.This will allow you to fully awaken your incredible genius and healing abilities. A 6-page PDF bonus is also included.

Holistic Assistance for Healthy Lungs

K.P. teaches a video teaching session. Khalsa

Truth is, your lungs age just like your heart and joints. You can improve the health of your lungs by adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as diet, herbs and supplements.You can keep them at their best even in your later years.

Lose Weight & Feel Great: The Ayurvedic Way Cookbook

15 Delicious and Simple-to-Make Recipes by Dr. Trupti.

This PDF cookbook is 48 pages long and was created by Dr. Trupti KokaniThis guide will show you how to eat to suit your mind-body type (dosha), as well as what to avoid. What habits are most effective to bring harmony and balance into your dosha?. You’ll also receive 15 delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian recipes This product is designed to stimulate your digestive fire (agni), which helps to break down and process foods more efficiently. Feel more energetic, lose extra toxins, and naturally restore your body’s homeostasis..

Astro-Herbal Ebook: Balance Based on Your Planetary Blueprint

Selima Harleston Lust: A 170-Page eBook

There are over 170 pages of content Spiritual astrological insights, herbal medicine, affirmations and reflection questions, as well as medical astrology proclivities and holistic practices. To increase awareness and improve your wellbeing.

Journeys with Plant Spirits

Emma Farrell’s Ebook Excerpt

Author and plant spirit healer Emma Farrell’s book Journeys With Plant Spirits offers a wealth of information for the path of plant spirit healing. You’ll discover how to Work with the plant spirits at both the physical and metaphysical levelYou will also learn how to increase your connection with them. You’ll also be guided through a meditation practice to establish an inner connection with plant spirits, and receive their healing energy.

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