Kevin Nations – Big Ticket Blueprint

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Kevin Nations – Big Ticket Blueprint

Kevin Nations – Big Ticket Blueprint

Kevin Nations
Big Ticket Blueprint
Big Ticket Blueprint
1. Developing Your Offer

An Offer is a Statement of the Transformation or Outcome that you cause to happen in your clients’ lives by delivering your service. It is NOT a Statement of your Service.

  1. The Lead Collection System
    Primary Purpose – To CAPTURE a Lead and Have them Interested in Getting Lead Seduction Messages.
  2. The Lead Seduction System
    Primary Purpose: To Maximize Desire, Passion and Focus around achieving the Outcome you Offer and to Create a Scenario where Demand exceeds Supply.
  3. Lead Selection System

Primary Purpose: Once Demand Exceeds Supply, this System Reveals INDIVIDUALLY who are the Most Focused, Passionate and Desirous of your Promised Outcome. It is a Ranking System that Determines who you’ll spend your time with in Lead Conversion System.

  1. Lead Conversion System
    Introducing: The RAPIDTM Selling System

Primary Purpose: Moving the Client from Interested to Invested.

This is the most Powerful Interview for converting Service Customers known to Man. It works especially well with people who don’t consider themselves sales professionals. Learn it and PROFIT!

  1. Review
    Lead Collection | Seduction | Selection | Conversion
  2. Web 2.0 Strategies
    Use the Power of Web 2.0 to build your List and Build Intimacy with your Prospects.
    Primary Purpose: Build your List in an Incredibly Powerful Way using Web 2.0 Strategies
  3. Joint Venture Strategies
    How to Set up Profitable Partnerships

Primary Purpose: How to work with others’ resources to PROFIT!

  1. Co-Registration Leads and Article Submission
    Larger Lists Lay the Foundation for JV Partnerships and are the Quickest Way to Build a List. Primary Purpose: Building Momentum and Credibility
  2. In-Person Marketing
    How to use Local/Regional and In-Person Marketing Successfully

Primary Purpose: How do you move people that you meet Live into your Lead Conversion System? This session reveals the strategies.

  1. Blogs
    How to use Your Own Blog to Drive Interest and Sales
    Primary Purpose: Generate Longevity, Branding and Search Material with your Own Blog.

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